Welcome to The Kawaii Planet! You just happened to read a blog that belongs to a 27 y.o. Suzy with passion for fashion and cute stuff. I was born in Prague, Czech republic but my current home is in Orlando, Florida. I've been blogging since 2008 on various topics, writing for a few online and printed magazines (such as InStyle) and running my own personal fashion diaries. I just love publishing and sharing my thoughts & styles with the audience! I like changing my hair & looks. I've started loving Japanese Fashion (and also Korean) when visiting Sapporo in November 2012 and never stopped since. The Kawaii Planet came up from my obsession with Japanese Fashion. KAWAII => CUTE! I will be more than happy to inspire you with my personal looks. I will appreciate it if you come back! I'm finding inspiration in different cultures. Everytime I go places, I learn something new. That's why I adore traveling so much!
Welcome to my site and feel free to contact me for any inquiries and questions: thekawaiiplanet@gmail.com