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Just for a bit. I didn't dye my hair, this is just another wig! I was so curious what I would look like in it when I saw it on Amazon. And because of the low price I simply decided to give it a try and order it. Not even a month passed and the package was in my hands, yay! Well, I am definitely not going redhead. I love my blonde color too much. But it wouldn't be me if I didn't try to experiment! And as my favourite fashion style is Japanese and Korean (just KAWAII!), I might look more like it when changing my usual hairstyle. The quality of the synthetic red hair is surprisingly really good I think, for 5 bucks! It's maybe just a little bit too shiny - well, on the Florida sun even more LOL - but it can be fixed with a dry shampoo or powder (I am planning on making a tutorial soon!). Hope you enjoy these new photos! More craziness to come! ^^ Stay tuned, your Suzy
Jannis shorts, shirt and sunglasses from Aliexpress, Lacoste sneakers and wig from Amazon.

GoodBye for now, redhead!
Magiiical Kitty said...

Wow nice pictures!!
This tee-shirt is super cute haha I love it with the cute panda (>w<)