☆ Galaxy Leggings ☆

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Hi sweetie pies. Hope you are having a LOVELY week full of happiness and cuteness
We only had a few minutes to shoot this outfit on Monday as I was on the run. But I really wanted to share it with you anyways. This pair of galaxy leggings is from Ark and I got it when visiting York in England last year. (I'm planning to fill you out with this whole trip soon, so stay tuned!) It was a super bargain because I only paid like 10 pounds. I would never give up on this pair of leggings because I think it's a fashion infinite as well as the galaxy itself.
Top from Little Mistress, galaxy leggings from Ark, shoes from Marshalls, bag and sunglasses from Aliexpress and necklace from Amazon.

I love how it matches with my new top from Little Mistress. All the shades of pastel blue and turquoise color remind me of the blue sky and I feel super comfortable wearing it. I know you will answer with "shame on you" when I say I can't wait for the weather to cool down a little bit. But here in Florida, seriously, during the summer, it's either a beach day every day or staying home or at work with AC on! As much as I love summer and sun, this year for the first time, I'm looking forward to the winter and putting on my hoodies and jeans again. XOXO 

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Gorgeous and so sexy in the galaxy dear :) Kisses

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