Pastel Addict


Do you like pastel colors? Then you are my person! When I'm shopping, I'm always looking for some pastel pieces, ... unaware I think. My closet is about to burst of these lovely shades of pink and turquoise. I like these colors because they are boosting my mood, they make any place feels like home, they are calming, girly and cute. In the 1980's there was a huge trend in the use of pastel colors in men's fashion! I'm sure some of you remember well, though I was not even born yet. Not to keep my outfit "too much" I put on my black tights and the little wolfie. If you are looking for some pastel inspiration, I would love to recommend you to visit this Instagram account. You will love it, I promise! xoxo
Tights from Japan, dress from Ross, 2 in 1 dress and sweatshirt from La Femme Mimi, necklace borrowed from my friend Kristen and bag + shoes from Aliexpress. 

Lara Rose said...

You look amazing! Nice blog and style! Keep posted!


Magdalena Sobeck said...

Jsi božííí!:-)

Unknown said...

Krásné šaty a kabelka! :)

Unknown said...

Lovely dress and bag!

Magiiical Kitty said...

WOw I'm in love with your bag!!!
Other outfits also are so pretty on you :3
I love pastel color too (^^)