Penguin Party On My Blouse


Did you know? Only two species of penguins live on the frozen land of Antarctica! Most penguins live farther north, in New Zealand or along the coast of South America. Penguins do not fly, they use their feathers for swimming and they eat mostly fish and squid. A large penguin can collect up to 30 fish in one dive! They can stay under the water for 10–15 minutes before coming to the surface to breathe. Penguins do not have teeth. Instead they use their beak. They are highly social birds. Even at sea, they usually swim and feed in groups. You can find one large group of social penguins on my new blouse from JollyChic.^^  This is sort of my casual look, when I need to look a little bit more elegant but still feel comfortable. A fun blouse with leisure pants is a reliable option. As you could see in my post right here, the blouse was super cheap. However, it happened to be one of my favourite so far. Have a lovely day! xoxo
JollyChic penguin blouse, Tezenis pants, Lacoste shoes, Claire's necklace and Aliexpress sunglasses and wallet.

Zuzanna said...

The blouse is super cute, also the wallet is beautiful. :)

Michael said...

That 3rd photo is amazing!! And penguins..amazing animals, right? =) I like the story of two male penguins raise a child penguin in the zoo. (but I think they are divorced nowadays =D, life sucks sometimes..)

Have a great weekend ^_^

Jointy&Croissanty said...

The prints of yours blouse are really cute and entire look is very stylish!

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

you look very cute! Love the top!