✿ Garden On My Sweatshirt ✿


Sometimes I like to break my own fashion rules that I set for myself. (Well, there really shouldn't be any rules in fashion but you know what I mean... if you just don't feel like wearing something that doesn't fit you, you better not wear it, right?) Many years I was convinced I would never ever wear high-waisted shorts in my life. EVER. Things change! Ideas change! And as I'm getting older, I'm also becoming braver and honestly I don't care about what people think about me and my style. Hey, I feel great so keep calm and stay kawaii. I can't even explain why I was always against this high-waisted trend in fashion. Maybe it was my old experience trying this type of shorts in the changing rooms and I felt like a dwarf with short legs in it. LOL. I really liked these white ones so I just ordered them. They are not the typical blue-jeans shorts but something a little more unusual. It was like 14 bucks so the worst scenery was I would just give it to somebody else. I must say I love the combination with this floral sweatshirt that I got in the same order. Funky, crazy, comfortable, colorful, autumn-ish and garden-ish. That's how it feels and I adore it! Please, forget the fact I'm not wearing shoes. I strongly recommend you to put your shoes on. Excuse me, I somehow forgot about them. ^^ XOXO
Shorts and sweatshirt BestE-shop, necklace AliExpress.

Milex said...

Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

I am in love with the beautiful pearls and cherry...Kya~ Toooooooo cute and your outfit is very very stylish *0*

恵美より ♥

Jessica The Pyreflies said...

I think the shorts look great on you! I've never worn high waist shorts either... maybe I should give them a shot!


Efflorescent Dream said...

Such a cute outfit! Love the floral top and you look great in those shorts!

Alexandra ♡