New York: The City Of Dreams.


I've never been to New York but I've always wanted to visit! If everything goes well, I should be able to see this BIG CITY next year. If you guys follow me on Pinterest, you could see my New York board where I collect all the breathtaking pictures of NYC. I heard a lot about it from my friends who already visited, I saw so many pictures and videos on YouTube and I'm just super excited to see it on my own eyes one day. Someday. Having a shirt with New York City print was my dream and I finally found it in CAMAÏEU!
Camaieu shirt and necklace, BestE-shop, faux leather leggings, BornPrettyStore pearl bracelet, Alex and Ani silver bracelet, Quiz Clothing shoes, caseable customized laptop sleeve.

I hope you all are doing GREAT anyways! I'm definitely getting the Christmasy mood slowly but surely. Here in Florida you can see some christmas stuff in the stores already and I LOVE IT! My American friends who live in FL told me that they are having hard time explaining to people living up North, that we still have a nice Christmas time down here. People probably laugh when they imagine us, Floridans, decorating palm trees and building a snowman from the beach sand. But that's not what it's about! Christmas is in your heart, it's about emotions and feelings and not about where you live.  Plus,I prefer not catching cold when going out. LOL. Christmas is a magical time no matter where you are. I already burn candles that remind me this season (like Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works - smells exactly like a Christmas Tree!) and play Christmas songs already! Hey, do whatever makes you happy, right? Your happy Suzy xo

Annie said...

jsi den ode dne krasnejsi berusko! <3

Michael said...

Jej, nová barva vlasů =), na podzim jak dělaná, sekne ti ;).
A New Yoooork, Neeeeew York..jeden z mých snů.. Držím palce, ať to příští rok vyjde =) a to triko je super!!
Mišo / facebook / Bloglovin / ig: @majki

Magiiical Kitty said...

awww your hair are perfect (=w=) <3
And your pictures are always so beautiful!
I like this outfits! Not my favorite from your blog, but it's pretty and cool :3

Magdalena Sobeck said...

wau! toto ti hrozně sluší!