A Perfect Lazy Day ╲( ^-^))╱


What do you guys like to do when you have a day off or just need to relax?
I found out that it's mostly very classic activites that keep me distracted and in a great mood.
I LOVE laying in my bed and being super lazy. Maybe read a few magazines or interesting books, watch a movie from bed. Has anyone here read the Gone Girl yet? I saw the movie last month and I was wondering if it's worth it to read a book too. Let me know! I loved the movie but I wished for it to end up so bad LOL.
Uniqso wig, Hello Kitty bracelet, cozy home clothes from Marshalls.
I LOVE writing. And I'm not talking only about my virtual world here. I'm obsessed with all bunch of to-do lists and note books. I love to just write down my thoughts. I write my own diary too. Not every day but when I get a chance. Isn't it more than cool to go through your old stuff in a few years and see what you were up to like 5 years ago?I LOVE working on my blog, I adore editing pictures which is another sort of relaxing thing to me. My blog and fashion in general is my life. I can spend hours on Pinterest or simply searching for inspiration. I also love to Stumble various pages of my interest. Sometimes you can find really amazing pictures or websites that you start using on a daily basis. Though this is a good relax, I am actually trying to reduce my computer activities and enjoy more of the outdoors and my partner. It's very difficult to avoid the internet if you are running a blog and your job is in the social media field but it's just as easy to make excuses. So I'm defintiely trying to stare at my pc only when I really need to.I LOVE music. And even though it probably sounds like a cliche - it's so true! What songs are on my playlist right now? For example Too Afraid To Love You by The Black Keys, You Are The Ocean by Phantogram, New Theory by Washed Out, Giants by Bear Hands, The End by Kings Of Leon, Holding On For Life by Broken Bells, In The City by Caveman, Junk Of The Heart by The Kooks, Mad About You by Hooverphonic or Speak Up by POP ETC. Feel free to share your music favorites in the comments. 
I LOVE TO DRINK A TEA on days like this. Or hot cocoa. I'm not a big fan of a coffee but sometimes I just need it to stay awake. Then I go for hazelnut flavor in Panera. I only drink coffee when hanging out with friends or if I didn't sleep well last night. I love green tea, Be careful though with drinking of a tea in the afternoon, some of them have coffein in it too and it will keep you awake for the whole damn night and you're going to flap around like a fish. Nothing too terribly exciting I experienced that. I love this Grinch cup! And I'm sure I will through the whole year, not just during Christmas.
I LOVE candy! Even when trying to eat healthy, I can't say NO to chocolate. Me and Chocolate were trying to break up a million times but we always find a way to each other so we gave up. A little bit of chocolate never killed nobody. LOL. Chocolate is good. I'm eating the dark one most of the time and it doesn't have so much fat.
And how does your lazy day look like? Let me know what is your favorite lazy activity! I will see you guys soon. Next time it's going to be an outfit post here on my blog and my new haircut pictures! Follow me on Instagram to see what I'm doing! Leave a comment and introduce me to your blog if you have one. I will check it out on my next lazy day! Take care, XOXO 
Magdalena Sobeck said...

hihi, ty jsi roztomilá:)
A ten grinch hrniček je božský:)

Eva said...

Ahoj Zuzi, vůbec nevím, že ses odstěhovala do Ameriky a jak vidím, daří se ti tam víc než dobře. Taky jsem změnila adresu blogu, tak když se přijdeš podívat, budu moc ráda :)


Adriana Robles said...

I like to do many of these things too; don't even get me started on candy. ;___; hahah Really trying to cut down.
Diaries are so neat because I confess to having a mini collection from my pre-teen and teen years. I even remember the feeling when I read them again.
Reading blogs is also a daily thing for me. I'm a fast reader too, which helps me get through everything I love and still leaves me time for more stuff. :)


Georgiana said...

That Grinch mug! <3