Giant Vintage Sunglasses Haul 8-)

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Sunglasses is all you need when you live in a sunny state such as Florida!
No matter if cold outside or hot, no matter if summer or winter, it's still so bright outside that you wear your sunglasses all year long! (Which is great for all the sunglasses lovers of course!)
Since I'm bad at keeping my sunglasses alive, I only happened to have two survival pairs when I last checked. Damn it! So I figured it's about time to stock up on sunglasses again. This time I also got a case so hopefully they will last longer. But yeah, we all know that, right? Sunglasses are the kind of things that come in and out, we lose them, we accidentally sit on them and just say goodbye to them often.
I decided to do a big sunglasses haul on a website called Giant VintageWhy them? Because I read some really good reviews. People said that their sunglasses are TOP quality and the shipping is super quick. I could sign this statement now, agree with everything 100% if not more! I was super happy with my package that came just a few days ago! The Giant Vintage website has definitely what to pick from. I love vintage stuff and I think it compliments cutesy clothes so I simply ordered 5 new pairs of sunglasses! Yay! I believe those are going to last long! Don't forget to protect your eyes no matter where you are. Make sure your eyes are safe. Why not do that if you can and also look stylish wearing trendy sunglasses? It gives the last amazing impression to your outfit, trust me!

I think this pair is my very favorite! What do you think? 70s FOREVER! Look at these beauties!
Forever tortoise - HERE.
HOPI crystal/demi - HERE.
DAME black/cat eye - HERE.
CONCENTRIC gold/amber - HERE.
BIO Tortoise/Gold - HERE.
Adriana Robles said...

Large glasses look so lovely on you! I love the square and cat eye ones. I love round ones too, but they don't look as good on me since my face is a little more on the round oval side. -.- hahah