✿Birthday Girl In Comfy Goofy✿


It was exactly 25 years since I was born this past Saturday! If you ask me about my age though, I still feel like I'm stuck somewhere in my teens. Time flies ridiculously fast that I can't even keep up with it. (And who can, right?) Sometimes I wish I was younger, sometimes I'm thinking what things I would do different in my life, but at the end of this thinking process I realize how lucky I am! And that every thing that happened to me happened surely for a reason so I can now be where I am. NO REGRETS! THE BEST IS YET TO COME! 
Denim shirt - H&M, Goofy hoodie, sunglasses and purse - AliExpress, skirt and leggings - BestE-shop, shoes - Quiz, shopping bag - SugarHill Boutique.

I didn't even celebrate my Birthday this year as much as you think. Seriously. I don't drink at all and you can easily make me happy with just a bottle of good root beer. I just kept it low key with my family here in the States. I'm still waiting so impatiently to see my parents this April! Europe trip is booked and I think it's going to be lots of fun seeing my dearest friends and people I love. My outfit was a little bit of a mess on Saturday, honestly I didn't really care what I'm wearing since I knew we're going to take a walk around a lake and then go for a dinner. And as you know - if you ever been to Cheesecake factory - you shouldn't wear anything that restricts your belly! On your B-Day you simply need to wear something comfy and stretchy so you can fit your favorite Reese's Cheesecake. LOL.

I had an amazing day and it's also thanks to my friends who were shooting texts to me and calling me all day long. I love how those peeps made me feel special. My 25th Birthday couldn't be more lovely. Eating my favorite goat cheese salad and cheesecake, doing a little bit of shopping  (bought a lovely pink sweater in Marshalls that I'm gonna show you in my outfit post soon) and enjoying the outdoors. xoxo 
J said...

Happy birthday! I really love your photos - your photographer is so talented and I love how you edit them! I also LOVE your outfit - very cute! :)



Adriana Robles said...

Happy belated birthday, my Aquarius friend! I prefer small get together a as well, and I'm not a big fan of beer or alcohol beverages in general. ;P Time sure does fly, but the beauty of having a youthful face is that you look no older than 19. :)
Here's to many more Amazon birthdays!

P.S: I love your Goofy sweater and that puppy in the car is too cute! (>^.^<)

Vegetarian Courtesy

Reina de las Fabricas said...

Happy birthday...25 five is a big one and definitely a start of the greater part of life. May you desires in God be bountifully fulfilled. AMEN
Love your outfit...RADICAL....

Ann said...

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