Do You Fancy Cold?


If you've ever visited any British city and experienced it'night life, you know exactly how it works there.
Ladies don't even bother with jackets, not even sweatshirts when they go party. Skirts, dresses, mini purses, no tights and lots of fun! Who's got free hands for such a thing as jacket? Come on, you know the answer - Nobody! When I was visiting York in England (I spent 2 wonderful months there in 2013), I was just... impressed. Or maybe a little bit more shocked than impressed at first place. Below zero. Me, wearing 7-8 layers, warm scarf, gloves and 3 pairs of socks, and totally ashamed! There were ladies with only dress around me! Nothing more, nothing less! WHAT?! So I asked my British friends how the hell that they're not cold? "It's freeeezing but we just want to look fabulous!" - Okay. The reality is that there's no chance to put your coat in the public closet like in some clubs in other European countries. So if you have one, you just have to keep an eye on it wherever you go. Which is - okay I got it - ridiculous! At the end of the night, the club where I was got so busy that I had to dance holding my big hand bag in one hand (the bigger the more crap I fit it) and heavy jacket in my second hand.
Amazing and popular Grazia dress by ChiChi London, shoes by Bershka (bought in Europe), accessories by BornPrettyStore (code VATT10 for 10% off!).

What I learned from British people? I loved their fashion! There is no better streetstyle in my opinion than anywhere in England. What I really liked is that they won't wear something uncomfy. When they go party, they want to have fun. So instead of stiletto heels they put flats on. Which I kinda liked! Accessorizing is a big thing for them as well, they combine a lot and it was very inspirational for me, who has never been much into jewelry. And, of course, make up! Definitely put your lipstick on and let it shine! Oooh, this post just made me miss Great Britain so much! There is the most beautiful architecture and just the atmosphere and vibe in general. I hope I will see you soon again, United Kingdom!

Adriana Robles said...

I would have died! Hahaha
But all in the name of fun and gorgeous fashion. c;
That dress looks so beautiful on you!! And the flats and accessories give it such a nice touch.<3

Vegetarian Courtesy

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous! Such a beautiful dress. Glad you enjoyed our slightly crazy english ways!! X

Michael said...

Someone looks stunning here..and..tradaaa, it's you! That dress looks amazing on you, I can't help but I imagine you dancing without shoes on some green grass and then running on some party =D..ok, I stop dreaming now, back to reality, wish you great sunny funny weekend,

flawedfairytale said...

Absolutely gorgeous dress, cannot get over how beautiful it is!

Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

Unknown said...

Reading this was very interesting.
Firstly because I live in England and unlike the girls you were surrounded by, I tend to wear many layers of clothing when I go out to keep warm.

British weather is somewhat a crazy thing so I always wrap up warm and cosy ready for the day ahead of me.

Your photographs are stunning and your dress is truly amazing.

Loved reading this post and will continue to read future ones.

Scarlett Juzzle
Kawaii Blogger at
Pastel Dreams And Rainbow Skies

Anonymous said...

Pixie Fairy!! Heavenly!!

Ally M.G. said...

Whoa! What a beautiful dress. It looks very stunning on you~
Though...I prefer to be cozy in the cold than freeze, but maybe that is just me.

Karolina Gespucci said...

<3333 you look awesome

Karolina Gespucci

Mrs C said...

Suzy, this dress fits an angel! I'm sure you have heard this many times before but you are so so cute!