Casual Shades Of Grey


And this is what I wear when I go see a movie. ^^ Beacuse what I hate the most is not feeling comfy watching an amazing movie and stuffing my face with popcorn. I guess you all've been there, right? I don't do button pants for theatres. LOL
- Soooo I FINALLY saw the long expected 50 Shades Of Grey. Damn. I think I just live for romantic movies. I'm pretty sure my face looked super silly through the whole movie. Good thing it's dark in the theatres. I especially loved the song by Annie Lennox - I Put A Spell On You. She has been my fav singer for years, and they used her song as an opening song. Goosebumps happened more than once. I've read the books and I just like the story. I think it has bad reviews mostly because only guys rate it. And they are either jealous of Grey's body or closed to suggestions. It's like with Twilight I guess. I loved Twilight no matter what the critics said.
Long sleeve dress and grey sweater - Aliexpress, leggings - Marshalls, necklace - BornPrettyStore, shoes - Sanuk, sunnies - Giant Vintage Sunglasses.

You might have also realized that I dyed my hair again. I change my hair all the time I know. And also I confuse people with my wigs. Then they don't even recognize me because they were expecting pink or brown long hair. Sorry peeps! Hair must be fun! And when my last "extreme advanced platinum blonde bullsh@" went yellow (as always - don't trust this crap), I decided to make my hair a little bit darker again, so I don't have to deal with it for a while. This color was a cheap Clairol hair color - 'nice n' easy' - 9A/102 Natural Light Ash Blonde, if anyone was wondering. ^^ It looks exactly like on the cover picture and very natural to me. It almost matches my eyebrow and natural hair color. Yay!
So sorry for a late post this week. I'm always trying to create at least one post every week when time allows. Now it's going to be much more fun because I just got my new camcorder and I would love to focus more on making videos for my Youtube Channel. So stay tuned because I will share with you my first video very very soon!
PS: I love love love those shoes from Sanuk. You have never ever experienced such comfort when wearing sneakers. I swear! You have to try them out because they are super stylish and make your every outfit special! Stay sunshiney! I will catch up with you in a few days!
Unknown said...

You are sooo cute <3 and your beautiful hair

From Slovakia <3 :-*

Jeanne said...

I love your statement necklace Suzy! Gorgeous sunnies too!

Carina G. said...

You are so Pretty ! Love your hairstyle dear ♥

Reina de las Fabricas said...

comfy and the hair too and the neck piece..AWESOME...

Unknown said...

Adorable outfit and gorgeous smile!!
Kira Is Wearing

Mrs C said...

A perfect casual look!When the books came out, I was intrigued especially because it was banned here in Dubai (not anymore now) So when my husband went to UK on his trip he saw the books and bought all 3 for me. They were ok to me, nothing I would scream of joy as personally repetition bores me and these books has so many of them. I couldn't finished the Grey is Grey enough for the character ;)

NotJessFashion said...

You are so pretty! Love the hair and make up! Great combination of pink and grey. Love the entire look!

Jessica |

Unknown said...

Moc ti to sluší, ten outfit je krásný.... :)