Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando


It's been a year since I came to Orlando. I thought I would share with you one of my most favorite places here, where I love to go on the weekends - to clear my head, walk around in the lovely nature (feels like tropical island!), smell lovely flowers and just enjoy the outdoor! Leu Gardens is a beautiful place to go (just a few minutes from Downtown Orlando!) and, as a bonus, you can grab some of the fruit growing on the trees! How cool is that? If you love plants and you like taking pictures of them, or you are just fascinated by them, this is definitely a garden to visit! You can also visit a Museum that is in the area and see informations about plants on the signs that are placed everywhere you go. I will never forget finding out how pineapple actually grows! I don't know why I thought it grows on the tree for my whole life (well, 25 years)! And then I saw it sitting there on the ground in a little bush of leaves. Haha. 
Coat - Hurley (Marshalls), sweater with floral skirt - Marshalls, leggings - Zara, sunnies - GiantVintage, shoes - NG.

Do not forget visit the little butterfly garden with cocons in a little house where you can actually see some big colorful butterflies flying if you are lucky! I also love the little houses with benches inside that are all over the place. You can just sit and chat in there and relax. And the sign at the lake that is sorrounded by the park says "Do Not Feed Aligator" - just one, LOL. So I'm always excited to see him/her. Never did though. The best time to go to Leu Gardens is probably Monday or any week day morning or later afternoon (just be aware they close at 5). You can find the MAP here.
These pictures were taken on our usual Sunday when we are trying to get out of the house for a little bit. It was really nice out that day (not too warm, not too cold) and we just fell like checking out some new blooming trees and flowers. Because the magic is in the fact that you can find different stuff every seasonAre you ready for all the beauty?
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love it!


Reina de las Fabricas said...

love pineapples...lol
Nature is indeed the sanest of therapist...Beautiful pictures

Ally M.G. said...

Whoa! I never knew of this place! (I go to Orlando often) I need to check it out next time I drive up to Orlando~

Adriana Robles said...

I have yet to visit Orlando. When I do though, I'll make sure to visit all of this! I'm such a nature lover and these photos show such absolute beauty.

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waw, ty máš ale krásne fotografie a parádny účes! Veľmi ti pristane. :) ;)


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Amazing pictures! I love your style <3 Like your blog on Facebook

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Beautiful photos!

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Wooow! I love your blog. I hope you will like mine



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Ohhh I love your pics, so pretty!!! And thanks a lot for your comment ❤️


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Love the pictures so much!

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Lovely photos ♥

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Beautiful photos

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Lovely photos :)


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náádherné fotky!♥ ten potůček vypadá úplně pohádkově!:) držím palce s focením se stativem, je to sice někdy fuška, ale rozhodně je to osvobozující:D


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Love the pictures! SO lovely!
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Oh girl I´m loving the vibe of your pics!!!

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Chrystin Aponte said...

Very pretty park! I had no idea this existed! I haven't been to Orlando in years (probably about 15 years) so I'm sure it has a changed a ton since I was there last!
I had no idea where pineapples came from either haha so don't worry :-)

Love those "construction" boots! I used to always call them "construction boots" because that is what my Dad would wear to work everyday when he worked in construction! I had a pair when I was younger...kind of really want a pair of those again.

Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

Alexandra Zakharova said...

I've got a dream to have a lemon tree in my garden, it's still just a dream, though. All of those snapshots are amazing and super-eye-catching! You have wonderful photographic skills, seriously.
Have a fabulous time!

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Such stunning photos!
Awesome outfit by the way :)
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Amazing photos :)

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U look AMAZZZZING!!! LOVVVE those Timbos!!! I can't stop wearing mine! Those pink flowers are gorgeous!
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Beautiful photos, beautiful place and mainly..beautiful you!! You look like one of those amazing flowers ^_^
I am glad I know you..even a little, but every piece counts!


love it :) pretty


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Suzy, thank you so much for dropping by my blog and commenting the other day... Your blog is cute... I am loving all the Spring weather, send some up my way to Nova Scotia xox

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beautiful photos you look so pretty!


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Beautiful pics, love it!

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OMG! you are so sweet! :)

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Nice photos!!!good day!!

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beautiful pictures!!! and very lovely coiffure! :)


lamodalena said...

beautiful pictures! and lovelu coiffure! :)


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Beautiful pictures and those tan shoes are so cool! :)


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Wow thank you for sharing one of your favorite places! It sounds absolutely lovely and beautiful there. I'm sure it's perfect for a fashion blogger to take pictures there too. Hehe I like the "Do Not Feed Alligator" sign too! Poor guy must get lonely though :|
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Lovely post! ♥

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Amazing dear, love your photos!!


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Happy anniversary (living anniversary) to you there and you look amazing. cool photos.


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such a lovely garden and beautiful weather there :)

Bellezzefelici said...

I love pics in the green :)))
You look so wonderful!


Bellezzefelici said...

I love pics in the green :)))
You look so wonderful!


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Love the little pop of floral in your look, doll!

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I just loved our photos. The flowers and your look.. amazing.

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Well I just learnt something about pineapples!!! This place looks so interesting and I love your jacket! x

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I am in love with you, your shoes and second photo. Waau! Amazing :)


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Beautiful pictures, you look lovely!


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I like this your post a lot! It’s so beautiful!
Thank you for sharing!

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What a beautiful park and your photos too are just gorgeous, you did a wonderful job. And love the boots.


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So beautiful photos my dear and so amazing place! You are perfect in that casual outfit! Have a nice day, kisses and thank you for stopping at my blog,

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Beautiful and cute photos ♥

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First of all: Wow! These gardens seem to be such a beautiful place! Very cool photos!
And then: omg omg omg I LOVE the jacket! <3 It's so perfect! I have to visit the Hurley website. Is it from a recent colelction? I hope it is <3 :)

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This place is amazingly beautiful.


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You're so pretty! Love your blog.

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Nice photos... lovely wooden kiosk!


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What a great, stylish haircut! And I love the work boots with your jacket.


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One of my favorite things to do is go to art fairs...and usually the jewelry booths are the most dangerous for me ( I LOVE handmade/artisan jewelry)! I'll have to check out your friends jewels online!
Love your sunglasses you wore, too! xx