We Love Colors!


I couldn't wait to show you guys this lovely new pair of crazy colored tights! Here it is! With a little bit of a delay I'm finally posting these pictures! (I'm in the New York City currently and the pictures are obviously taken in the sunny state of Florida - oh how I miss you my warm home!). I will never ever complain about sun being too hot! I swear! Being north up here for a week just reminded me how much I hate dealing with cold, flu, rain, freezing nose, loosing my gloves and spilling a hot tea on my jeans etc. I'm absolutely a Florida girl! My friend who is living in NY, was joking with me today (well, what if it was not a joke at all!?). She said that they don't have any Spring, that there's only Winter following Winter every year. Uuh. I was like: "Get outta here, how do you even enjoy such a beautiful city then?!" Cause you definitely need to have the proper clothes, that's for sure! I'm making vlogs for you everywhere I go so you won't miss anything, I promise! I will just need to sit and work on it a little bit (when I get a sec). I can give you a little spoiler though, and that is - I saw some wondeful places in NY already and I'm impressed by the city even though my fingers and toes probably fall off my body from the cold! LOL. This is such a beautiful city! So many options, such variety of food, people, cultures. I simply LOVE IT! We are planning on going to the centre again on Saturday and hopefuly it's going to be nice out, without rain and gloomy sky! I will show you everything, stay tuned!
Striped long-sleeve shirt - JollyChic, white shorts - BestE-shop, tights - WeLoveColors, belt - Reserved, statement necklace - BornPrettyStore, shoes - Bershka, sunnies - GiantVintage, scarf - a handmade gift from my mom. 

Well... now going back to the main topic today! My outfit! I wanted to share with you this website where I got a few adorable pairs of tights and cute socks! YAY! We Love Colors - the name says it all! And the quality is just TOP! Colorful paradise for those who live in colors, are not afraid of standing up from a grey crowd and for those who LOVE fashion and being different! There are so many ways to combine colorful tights and socks! And with ths upcoming Spring time, we all will need to refresh our wardrobes and add something fun, bright and springy! Welcome the warm weather like I did, with a little bit more colors in your life and fashion style! PS: Pink is da best! 
Carina G. said...

Love the necklace, its so pretty !


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!I love the leggings!♥ Yara

Isa said...

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Let me know :)

Vanessa said...

Amazing look, I'm so in love with your pink tights. *__*
Lovely greets Nessa

María Pilar Bernal Maya said...

your look is so original!
do we follow each other?
let me know that I can follow you back
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Ally M.G. said...

Rocking them pink tights! Don't freeze in NY!


Anonymous said...

Amazing leggings! xoxo Shan

Albert Wijaya said...

Great style! :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Reina de las Fabricas said...

Lovely outfit. love the shirt. Have been scared of strips- maybe i would take the leap and strip it out...lol...nice all through

Unknown said...

This is so fun, love it, love how you combinded everything, looks fab on you! Love, Kirsten xx


Unknown said...

aww, you looks so lovely


Camilla Julie said...

Wow - that pink color on you is amazing :)


Unknown said...

i love your outfit!!!! gorgeous look! and you are so beautiful! ;)
Big hug for you
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Unknown said...

So cool!


Missymayification said...

Effortlessly pretty, gal. Great statement necklace. :)


Neeny said...

I absolutely love your style SO much!
I love every single piece of item you're wearing, especially that scarf and necklace :)

Neeny x

p.s. pink is definitely the best :)


Michael said...

Can't wait for another VLOG!!!
And this hair color, ou yeah, you look so so gooooood, I love it.
So envious about Florida weather, about your trip to New York..in comparison with us, we are little bit boring (and bored, of course...)
Enjoy every second, Suzy..looking forward for more from you =)

We Love Colors said...

How beautiful Suzy! We also love pink :)
Have fun in NY.

CM said...

You look so cute, dear! ^-^
Love your blog!


strike the pose said...

This outfit is so so cute! The pink makes it purrrrfect!!!

xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.com

You can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you like! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my gah, how darling are those tights?! Perfect outfit <3
P.s I always love your comments on my blog, makes me smile :)

Unknown said...

You are so stylish! I love this look, the colours and the t-shirt. I hope see more looks like this.

Madeupgirl said...

Really cute. I love the necklace too! New York's weather sucks but everything else is amazing.



angkisland said...

wow very nice love your colors... fresh fun and u are pretty....

Unknown said...

Beautiful photography and I love how your outfit fits the background :)

xx Nicola


Elena Cano said...

Amazing look, i love it!!


Bellezzefelici said...

So stylish and inspiring :)))



This is beautiful!
Nice leggings....

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful hair cut dear!
Love the pink fish net detail on your outfit ;)

Thanks so much for dropping by!


Unknown said...

Your blog really is kawaii ^_^ would you like to follow each other?


Jenna H. said...

Those tights are so cute!!! Kawaii things are amazing :)
-Jenna <3
Follow me? The Chic Cupcake

Winscribbles said...

sunny indeed! I love this. haha, your friend is funny and I can agree especially for this year! It doesn't feel like spring has arrived at all yet. How long will you be in NYC for? ^.^


Unknown said...

love the necklace. so adorable. I think I saw one like that from a retail fashion jewelry shop. Anyway, great post!


Unknown said...

Amazing look!!ove your shorts and your shirt!XoXo

Laura Jones said...

lovely photos! and the scarf from your mum is such a sweet gift! have fun in new york, despite the weather not being too warm haha:-) x


Tak ty jsi to nejvic cute stvoreni co jsem za dnesek videla :D Tvuj blog asi budu stalkovat, je bozi ... PS: Ruzova je nejlepsi

Lenny Mali

Vogue Villain said...

Adorable outfit!
You look so cute.

Ivana Klepáčová said...

amazing photos ♥ rose is your color :)

Vanessa said...

New post is online...^^

Unknown said...

I love your shorts!! beautiful!!


Shaira Manalo said...

Looks like a barbie! Love this tights. <3

Have a great day!


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Stella Cadente said...

I absolutely adore that necklace paired with the stripes! So chic!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

Unknown said...

Super cool! Have a nice day, sweetie!!

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Emanuela said...

Lovely outfit and interesting tights :)

Anonymous said...

Great post dear. Keep posting. Have a nice day.

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I will follow you back.
Thank you.


Marta Pozzan said...

Yes to all things pink:)


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Agnes W said...

Such a fab outfit, love it!! You've got great style!

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