Take It Easy, It's The Weekend!


Hello! It's Friday today and you know what that means! The weekend is knocking on the door! Yay! What are you guys planning for these days? Do you actually have a couple of days off or are you working weekends too? (I do sometimes too.) Anyway, while I was active on my other social media platforms (instagram, youtube, etc.), I kind of forgot to post some of my recent outfit looks this week (Ooops!). Busy bee! I'm working on my other projects and I will tell you more about it soon! I'm excited! This outfit is actually from one of the weekends when I'm just hanging out and relaxing with my bae. We were enjoying the sunny Sunday in Orlando and took a walk around Lake Eola, where the Farmer's Markets are taking a place every week. It was different for me this time because I actually had a mission. So it was not just looking around as usual. Haha. I got two mint plants for my home made tea lemonade (hmmm, delicious!) and I was also looking for some nice flowers to decorate our studio.
Dress - TJ Maxx, Top - Verchia (Czech Fashion Designer), Hand Bag - Buddha Bags, Shoes - Bershka, Bracelet with beads - Nichole, Cupid's Bow Bangle - Lou Jewels, sunnies - Giant Vintage.

I decided for a very comfy grey dress and I layered it with my most favorite recent find - this adorable lace top - so I don't get sunburn. I'm very sensitive to sun rays and I get red very quick. (Then I look like a lobster for a week, UGH!) This Czech hand made piece is from a designer named Verchia and I recommend you to check her out! When I was visiting my family in Prague, I also got a lace skirt from her (soon to be on my blog too!) and these are my current besties! I must mention my new Giant Vintage sunnies too. Love them to death, they always come up with a new great style and design! No nail polish this time, no expressive lipstick either. It's the weekend and I just feel like taking it all easy...

Blogoratti said...

Wonderful and effortless look, like the accessories, and you look great!

Carina G. said...

You look so cute ! Love the bracelets.


Launna said...

Suzy, I like this look... grey is a nice color for you and I really like how you used the cute lace top over it... so pretty ♡♡♡

Bridge of Memories said...

krasne fotky! slusi ti to:)


Unknown said...

Great post, pics and outfit! I love them!

Kisses from Barcelona! :*


Gaby de Modacapital said...

You look so beautiful babe! Love your pair of sunglasses! :)
Have a nice weekend!

senka said...

I adore everything!
new post is up: www.senkasfashion.com

Unknown said...

OMG this outfit just killed me
so adorable, the dress, the top, all of it
and dont forget the turtle x)

Elizabeth T. said...

You're so beautiful!
Love the dress and lace top :)

xoxo, elizabeth t.


Missymayification said...

Looking so pretty in this feminine casual look. :)


Dressed With Soul said...

Such a cute idea to wear the lace top over the edgy maxi dress!
xx Rena
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Sonya Thaniya said...

great outfit and photos :)
would you like to follow each other? let me know :)


Chrystin Aponte said...

That sheer lace top adds the perfect touch to your outfit! Can't wait to see the skirt you got, too!
I love farmer's markets and artisans fairs---there are so many good finds!
Will you be sharing the recipe of your homemade tea lemonade on your blog? Sounds delicious!

xx Chrystin

the italian glam said...

orchids, the perfect flowers to decorate...
you look so effortlessly chic in this cotton maxi-dress and the lace top is really the icing on the cake
wish you a happy sunday

Foly D. Sante said...

super to vyzerá takto dokopy! šaty ak tomu ten pekný vršok:)

Unknown said...

super top!!


Michael said...

Ty brejle ti strašně moc sluší =)

Já už mám teda po víkendu =D, ale už balíme na dovču, takže.. ;)

Krásný start do nového týdne, Zuzi,

Madeupgirl said...

I saw you post this top on instagram. It is so cute and with that dress you look so summery cool.



Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love your sheer top!

Madison said...

Stunning top! That was so creative to put that over the dress. It's so free and feminine; you have such great style. Love your blog!


Agnes W said...

Love how you styled your sheer top!! You're so pretty!!

House of Illusions

Beauty Follower said...

Hey dungarees-girl!
Love your bag too ;)

Have a lovely day!