Beach, Please!


YAY! The Summer's here and we are all talking about getting the right swimsuit! What's trendy, what's "in"? And does it actually matter? Me, personally, I don't much like following every single trend they come up with. I think we shouldn't be just followers, we should make our own choices and leave a little sign or a personal signature on what we're wearing. If you're just following trends, you're following crowds and you will end up having the same bathing suit as your neighbor or the lady sitting right next to you on the beach. Awkward! It's because lots of people do this. No inventions, such a pity! I'm always trying to look for some alternatives. I have a few bikini sets in my wardrobe, most of them have been a part of it for years but they are still in a good shape.

Black bikini top - Juicy Couture, bikini bottom - Maui and Sons (bought at Marshalls), long sleeve crop top - H&M, sunnies - Giant Vintage.

This year I already got this vintage swimsuit and when I was shopping for something else last time (ehm, this happens to me more than desired!), I found these lovely pieces that fit me so well! And on top of it, they are so me! I love palm trees and galaxy colors. Also, 100% honest - my boobs looked much bigger in these "sort of" push-up cups (when you tied it tight LOL). I'm pretty much up for breaking the rules and not wearing the same color of your top and bottom. Why not play with the styles and mix them all according to your mood or accessories that you're wearing today? The truth is though, I usually go for one solid color and combine it with something crazy. Last Saturday I wore this sunbathing suit for a beautiful beach day at Cocoa Beach. The black top is Juicy Couture and the bottom is Maui and Sons - both bought at Marshalls. And how does a piece of your favorite "Swimsuit 2015" look like? Do you prefer one-piece swimwear or bikini sets? Where do you like to shop for these items? Let me know and make sure you're enjoying this summer as much as you can! ♥♥♥

Carina G. said...

You look so pretty !

Colleen said...

I love your sunnies!


Sabrina said...

How stunning are you! I love the idea of mix and matching tops and bottoms to be unique. Sometimes, I want to try cutout swimsuits and stuff, but then I remember how horrible those tan lines would be!


Unknown said...

Opravdu krásné fotky! Vypadáš moc spokojeně :)

Pieces of FRECKLED style

Unknown said...

cute pics and swimsuit! <3

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

Such beautiful photos!! xx


Laura Stream said...

You look amazing dear!! I'm in love with your blog

Unknown said...

skvělé fotky♥

Michael said...

I think I can say just: Dat butt!


Perfect stylish galaxy swimsuit, right? I was looking for similar one for guys but you know, I like just the short shorts, not those under knees and companies seems do not accept my imagination =D


The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

Braking the rules is what I love to hear. We all have the freedom to wear whatever we want. Lovely photos btw :)

Zoya said...

great look! <3

Jhem Arzaga said...

Wooowww... you have a lovely body, hun!
You just look really good at the beach while enjoying your summer time :)

Hmm.. I like two piece swimwear but nowadays, it's rainy season in my country so, I only have to imagine summer by looking at your beach photos hihi

Have an amazing summer! And oh, I just followed you on Twitter and Pinterest :

Jhem |

BEAUTYEDITER.COM – Beauty Blog said...

I love this so much!


Unknown said...

I love it!

Alice Cerea,

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so much fun! Want to go somewhere for vacation :)) I'm loving your bikinis, specially the bottom! So cute!

Have a beautiful day,

Izabella said...



Unknown said...

Krasny fotky :)

Dekuji za mily komentar na blogu!

Fashion PARIS

Unknown said...

I really like how you mixed and matched your bikini. You can have endless beach looks that'll last all summer when you do this.

Dominique of Only The Brave Blog

Jointy&Croissanty said...

Fabulous pictures and you look wonderful!


Katie Frank said...

those photos are so lovely! & you are so beautiful! i miss beauing on the beach :) !

Ally M.G. said...

Whoa! You are rocking that red lipstick! I've tried wearing lipstick to the beach before, but I have always felt a bit odd. You pull it off wonderfully though!


lamodalena said...

very good look! :)

Kristýna Davidová said...

ACh, ty jsi prostě tak nádherná! :)

Ľúbezná said...

posledná fotka je najkrajšia :)

La Joie de Vivre! said...

fantastic pictures my dear, you look amazing! :D xoxo

Launna said...

Suzy, I like how you mixed it up and have two different prints for your swimsuit... I think it is boring to always go with one style xox

Sophie Sierra said...

My gosh this shoot is out of this world! Crushing on everything about it, but especially loving your stunning shades! <3

Sophie | soinspo xo


WOW! Great photos <3 Pretty! :)

Unknown said...

So adorable, loving that suit on you

Vivi said...

Ach ty moje Suzynko, to je zase pastva pro oči, telelím se blahem. ;) A prolejzám to tu skrz na skrz a jen obdivuju - k ničemu jinýmu se nezmůžu. ;) Jsi překrásná a tvoje cute oblečky, plavečky a věcičky prostě zbožňuju. Jsi panenka. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Papa, Tvá Vivi

Vivi said...

Ach ty moje Suzynko, to je zase pastva pro oči, telelím se blahem. ;) A prolejzám to tu skrz na skrz a jen obdivuju - k ničemu jinýmu se nezmůžu. ;) Jsi překrásná a tvoje cute oblečky, plavečky a věcičky prostě zbožňuju. Jsi panenka. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Papa, Tvá Vivi

Vivi said...

Jsem se dneska nějak komentářově rozjela, ale nemůžu jinak. ;) Všechno je tu taáááák krásný, úplně jiný svět..veselo, barevno a žůžovo. ;) Suzynko, chtěla bych Ti poslat něco "cute" pro radost. Myslíš, že by bylo možný prozradit mi Tvou adresu? Pokud ano, napiš mi prosím na
Děkůjů. ♥

Alice said...

lovely bikini my dear!!

Alice's Pink Diary

Unknown said...

You go girl!
I love how you have mixed/styled this bikini set, you look great in it :)

Unknown said...

You look great dear!


Bobiknannie said...

Prekrásne fotky, veľmi ti to pristane.
Najradšej by som sa teraz preniesla niekam k moru :D