I Was Born To Wear Dungarees


^^ Dungarees were my favorite clothes when I was a little girl and they still are now! Did you know that the history of dungarees goes back to the 17th century? Long time ago, people knew what's right & comfy, hm? The type of a fabric that the first dungarees came from, was called "dungri" and it was made in India. It was later exported to the United Kingdom as work clothes. Who knew it's going to become a fashionable thing one day!? Now, in 21st century, we are bringing it back to life, after the big boom in 80's and 90' when our parents were rocking it! Green lights for dungarees! Always and forever! I was not even planning on shopping (I swear!) when I went to TJ Maxx to just check out what's new as I often do. But when I saw this pair of dungarees in my size for just $9.99, I couldn't just let it go. Later I found them on the original Hollister website for much more and they don't even sell them anymore. 

Dungarees - Hollister, white top - Styles For Less, red hand bag - Sinsay, heart necklace - Claire's, sunnies - Giant Vintage, shoes - a gift from my friend Aja - it's a traditional pair of Czech shoes (hipster-ish type - lol).

I love TJ Maxx almost as much as thrift stores now. Ha! I really like the summer-ish, aztec boho pattern and I love wearing it with either just a plain white top or another solid color shirt. Dungarees, to me, are just such a comfortable, nice & stylish piece to wear! I'm glad they are still "in" and come in different styles every season. Do you personally like dungarees? For what occasion do you wear them? I decided for this outfit on a lazy Saturday afternoon when I went for a lunch and to the mall.
Carina G. said...

You look so cute !


Madeupgirl said...

Super cute outfit. I love your shoes and accessories too!



Vivien Mihalish said...

hahaha, this shoes called "cvičky". In the past, when was communism at Czechoslovakia, kids wear it to the gym for Pchysical education :-)

Bisous Natasha said...

Lovely outfit ;)


Vanessa said...

amaaazing dungaree!!


Launna said...

Susy, you look adorable... I like the color of these and how you paired them up... what a great deal for $9.99 ♡

Hello Kuo said...

i love your mascara(: and i have become a huge tj maxx fan these days too. they just have so much cool stuff, and it's all so inexpensive!!


KANDICE said...

very beautiful! i like your style <3

Dice, '96 Wild Heart

Unknown said...

OMG I'm new to your blog and I already love it! I've seen a lot of people wear overalls but no one has made me actually want to try it out until now. I love your style!

Only The Brave Blog

Unknown said...

you're absolutely adorable! :) and who could pass up a great deal like that! lol.

- Mariah-Ruthel

Sjoukje Croux said...

Yes - you were! They look absolutely great on you - love it! X

Izzy said...

Dungarees are definitely making a comeback! you're rocking this set, the print on them is too cute too! :)

Metallic Paws

Unknown said...

Lovely post honey!

Alice Cerea,

Blogoratti said...

Adorable outfit, nice casual for the sunny outdoors. You look great!

annie lee said...

oh suzy everything about this look is perfect!! i love the photography too, it's gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

You lucky girl-only for 10$? They look amazing and the print on it is so cute. I fell in love. I have a pair of dungarees but they're denim shorts and I wear them all the time. Great outfit and the pictures are amazing. Great post.


Unknown said...

Your dungarees suit you perfectly!
Loving the cute pattern and all your accessories :)

Unknown said...

Really love your outfit ! xo
Can we follow each other ? Let me know on my blog and I will follow back immediately xo

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Samantha Mariko said...

super cute overalls!! I absolutely love your haircut :)

Vogue Villain said...

Such a cute outfit! You pull them off so well :)

queenhorsfall said...

Great article! I would never knew anything about dungarees! U look very cute so!


Alice said...

you look so pretty! :)
love this cute outfit :)

Alice's Pink Diary

Dressed With Soul said...

This is funny as I also loved dungarees already when I was a little girl :) But I didn't know that the history for them is already so old! Love your very cute dungarees - they fit you so well and I thank you by all my heart for your helpful last comment <3
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Unknown said...

OMG you look so adorable
love everything from this outfit

Unknown said...

OMG you look so adorable
love everything from this outfit

Unknown said...

Very cute dungarees and love how sporty chic you look!


Midwest Muse said...

I love this jumper on you! I am far too short to ever pull anything like this off, but you nailed it. And as always, your hair is so perfect.

Izabella said...

Perfect look!!


Unknown said...

i love your pics!

Alice Cerea,

verrygusto said...

You look is so good... :-)

Unknown said...

great look ! :)

Bridge of Memories said...

skvele, slusi:)