The Best Cheap Smartphone For Bloggers?


Whatever you do, do it big! When I saw this video on YouTube (sort of by accident), it was actually right around the time when I started looking for a new phone. I was so tired of the whole synchronization nonsense and not being able to add music to my phone without downloading on a pc software etc. Though the most important reason to think about a new device was that my previous phone seemed to small for what I love to do on my phone. I considered tablets, I considered many phones but I'm really happy for my decision to get a 4G Huawei Ascend Mate 2. I would like to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I got this phone for myself and paid for it. I just have to say that I'm pretty impressed by its performance and I feel like sharing. It might help someone deciding. In a two-month period of using it, I haven't really found any bugs so far. I'm definitely not trying to look like a pro who knows everything about smartphones. My review is clearly going to be just a regular female user's experience with a new device. (a blogger obsessed with fashion, social media & photography)
For those who are deciding about a new phone currrently, and like looking at the pictures, editting them, watching youtube videos, reading news, gaming or just doing some fun activities like drawing or writing on their devices, you guys should check this phone out. It's powered by the Android system and it reacts awesomly quick to your touch! The phone came unlocked so it worked with my network and I didn't have to do any changes. The US market might differ from the rest of the world so you will have to check Huawei's website for more details if you're not from here.
I ordered all these phone cases for Huawei Ascend Mate 2 from AliExpress for just a few bucks! My most favorite has been, of course, the minion one recently! 
Some of my friends were making fun of me. I have to warn you, this device is huge and you probably haven't owned anything like that in the past! But on the other hand, a regular phone will seem too small after your first day of exploring. And I bet you won't want to get back to the small screen ever again. It's still okay to fit this device in your pocket even with a basic case. I've always loved big phones. The mic is working perfect when you're talking on the phone and if you're a Skype addict, you will enjoy seeing your friends and family on such a big screen. Just playing your favorite games or browsing the web is an experience that will bring you to the next level.
Not to mention the long battery life! On the first day I got my new phone, I spent probably like good 14 hours just messing around with it, doing all the settings etc. The phone came charged and lasted for another two days when I was using it all the time! This, my friends, is the best weekend phone ever! Especially as a blogger (being constantly on-line, checking on comments and news) I really appreciate this amazing and practical fact. Who wants to come home and go charge the phone first thing? Nobody. This phone will ask you to connect your charger when it's still ready to serve for another long while! Also, it charges from zero to 100% super fast! No kidding! Big thumbs up for this tweak!
I originally got the phone on B&H Photo Video e-shop for a very friendly price ($249) and after using the device for a month I decided to order one more for my man from the same website. I knew he would love it. His obsession for Heroes of Order & Chaos now seems even worse! (What have I done lol) He is as impressed as I am and he keeps telling me that he's still amazed by the quick reactions and the awesome graphics! My personal favorite on this phone is a voice search. It's probably on most newer Android phones but I just discovered it recently and I'm diggin' this tool! You can ask your Mate 2 anything and it will quickly respond with a google picture or just the right answer, even if you ask something silly like "Do blondes have more fun?". It just blows my mind because there's a quick answer to anything right away, right in your hands! Where are we? What century is this? Is there anything better than this? Things got just so impressive! I love to ask the voice search for the actual directions in the car or about just anything I need to know right at this second. Oh and the voice talks back to you too!
If you love photography, you're gonna be in a heaven looking at such a big screen. It will bring your Instagram experience to the next level and you will enjoy editting photos even more because you will be able to see every single detail. (You can find me on Instagram - @thekawaiiplanet, my favorite app for editting pictures is VSCOcam and I'm lovin' this Tiny Tower game.)
 Do you like browsing the internet and reading news on your device? I promise you will love it on Huawei Ascend Mate 2. Reading blogs and on-line news, maintaining your Facebook and other social media, it's all going to be fun! Android is so easy to use and you don't have to synchronize it everytime you want to do some changes! (Waze app for drivers - makes a big difference seeing your way on a big screen)
The screen's 1280 x 720 resolution allows you to watch all the YouTube videos in HD crisp quality. (Screenshot: My favorite YouTuber Marzia introducing her July Box video)
The camera is super cool! Not only that it has front 13MP resolution but the selfie one is 5MP and it has this beauty mode which makes your face porcelain perfect (optional). You can even play with the slim and eyes size level. There are a few more modes that you will appreciate like HDR or panorama. The most cool and useful thing though, is that you can set the timer so it captures your snap when you smile or make a sound! HOW COOL IS THAT? If you don't have a free hand this is so helpful and fun! The videos from this device are amazing quality as well! (I'm planning on making a video test soon! I will update you on this!)
 This picture was taken on the HDR mode without any additional editting or filters! It's the best version of this view ever captured on my phone. And I used to be taking a picture on this spot all the time and never happy with how it came out!
Even Snapchatting is more fun with a great device! See your favorite snapchats bigger and better and enjoy the beautifying mode even in this app!
And that's it, guys! I tried to highlight everything I love about this phone and that makes a big difference for me, using a smartphone. Just sharing and letting you know that there are some great phones out there, that might not have those illustrious names that everyone's freaking out over... but are not any worse, maybe on the contrary actually. Huawei is a Chinese brand that was founded in 1987 and now has my complete trust! I would (and I did, LOL) buy this device again and I can recommend this phone honestly. Do your research before you guys buy your next dream phone. It's important to know what to expect from your future device. Long battery life? Big screen? Any other technical conditions? Google it and be open-minded to a change. Maybe you can find something that has the same specifications but is a lot cheaper than the phone that everyone has.
Please, feel free to share your experience with this phone or Huawei in general in the comments section. Thank you.
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Suzy... I've never heard of this brand.. I'm going to research it here as I'll be able to upgrade soon ♡

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Nice article, I like that phone really...

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Just perfect! Great post, can't wait to read the next one!!
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Right now I am using xiomi. It's awesome and cheap too!

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Own, now I want that phone! ♥ xo

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I really like the phone cases you have bought! The most sad dog and the one with flowers <3 Nice review!

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Cute phone cases! I have the doggy one :)

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Minion!! Oh my gosh, that Minion cover is soooooooo loooooove!!! Need one too =D

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That minion case is a must have!!

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The mobile phone seems to be really amazing! Nice post.

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These phone cases are really cute:)



Tento mobil byl v Číně snad všude ! Zatím jsem spokojená se svým starým dobrým iphonem ale kdo ví, znova už bych asi apple nechtěla.. hlavně kvůli omezení paměti to je děs.
Lenny Mali i Danmark

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I used to Iphone so much that Can't use nay other models of phones!

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Great post! Amazing phone cases :)
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