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Hello everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I'm here with my Saturday sushi outfit, though a little bit late. There was just so much going on in the past few days - and everything so exciting! I saw my friend on Sunday, who just moved back to Orlando from Japan. And I also started my new job on Monday. I can't express how excited and happy I am because I'm finally doing what I love (yes, fashionwise)! So I didn't get to my laptop as much, but I believe you will forgive me? My plan is still to publish at least one post a week! This super comfortable outfit might look like pajamas but it's actually more sophisticated. The wavy thing under my new monkey sweatshirt is an adjustable oversized maxi dress. The reason why I put on jeans and sweatshirt with it, is that in our favorite sushi place is always cold (too much AC!). But this could be an inspiration for any autumn weekend when you just want to hang out but still be ready to show some feminine clothes. I love white & pastel combinations because they are girly and adorable. You could, for sure, wear just the jeans with a sweatshirt (pink color match!) but it simply wouldn't be me if I didn't come up with something .... eh, weird? Ha! I will show you the whole dress next time. It was about to rain and I wanted to take at least a few photos before the dinner! By the way, I didn't cut my hair nor changed my hairstyle, even though it might look it. I only died my hair with darker blonde than usual and also put the bangs on the other side. I hope you like my comfy outfit! Have a great week ahead of you!
Dress - Odivi, pink jeans - Camaïeu, monkey sweatshirt - AliExpress, orange/fuchsia purse - Franco Arazzi, lace shoes - Keds.

Carina G. said...

You look so cute !


Anonymous said...

You look amazing dear! Love that sweatshirt

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Unknown said...

Love this casual look :) The monkey top is so cool, you look so cute it in!

Anonymous said...

Awww congratulations on your new job and hi to your friend,is she Japanese?.
Love how you mixed these 3 pcs. together,xoxo Bing.


Sandra Kisić said...


LyddieGal said...

Love all your pretty pastels, and congrats on your new job!
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Unknown said...

pretty monkey sweatshirt! cute!

Johanna said...

I love this outfit, you look adorable!


Putri Valentina said...

Your bag is super cute dear! :D


Mica said...

Congrats on the new job!

Your pastel outfit is so pretty, lovely layering too! :)

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riotdontdiet said...

woah i love this look so much, its so cute and fun!! great sweater :D


Malá Dominika said...

Jůů tyhle opice miluju!!! :)

Anett said...

I love this comfy outfit and you look super cute!

Bella Pummarola

Launna said...

Suzy, your comfy outfit looks really sweet on you... I like how you styled your hair today, it looks very pretty on you.. Have a great rest of the week xox

Bellezzefelici said...

You look sooooo lovely!!!
Amazing sweet little monkeys :)))


Anonymous said...

You look so cute... love the mongkey sweater dear

ulimayang said...

You look so cute... love the mongkey sweater dear

REENA♡ said...

And you have a cute outfit on again! That emoji monkey sweater look so adorable on you, also love how you style your look white and pastel <3


Karolina said...

This sweetshirt is so cute, love your bag too!


Unknown said...

Your top is so cute! :) xx

Unknown said...

Really love your outfit ! xo
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►Naďa said...

I love your t-shirt !! :)
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Unknown said...

How cute are you!? I'm loving the blush denims!! And sooo funny... those monkey emojis from the phone are on a shirt now!!

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The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

Your outfit looks very comfy! And those emoji monkeys <3

Unknown said...

Soooo cute <3!


MonaLisa said...

Love this outfit you have such an unique style! And nice to stumble upon a blogger from the area! ( I am in Daytona, moved from Norway). Glad that I found your blog! have a great weekend! hugs! www.monalisas.no

Krizia said...

Aww, such a cute sweater!
The monkey with the hands in front of its eyes is my favorite emoji when I text someone.

x Krizia

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Unknown said...

I love your outfit!
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Princess said...

Your sweater is probably the cutest sweater I have ever seen♡♡ I love it!

Naville said...

very cute outfit!
love the pastel trousers


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Desirèe D'Aloia said...



Paulina said...

This must be the cutest jumper ever! Loooooove it!



Paulina said...

Soo adorable!



Monique | WritingMonique said...

Ah! This is such a lovely, cute outfit! I adore the little monkeys!

Summer said...

Cute out fit! Love the bag♥♥

lamodalena said...

fantastic look! you are very beautiful! :)


Beauty Follower said...

Such a cute sweatshirt!