Fancy Earphones As A Part Of Your Look!


It's March and I'm already wearing my super light tie-dye tunic! (And it was technically still February when we took these pictures!) Wow! You can only do this in the Tropics! ♥ Sometimes I like to go for a walk with just earphones... listen to my most recent playlist (where you could find the new Justin (surprise, hello!) or songs by Odesza for example...) clear my thoughts and forget about the world for once! With my amazing and stylish find from SudioSweden I can enjoy every single beat and enrich my wardrobe with an unexpected essential on top of it! These guys make some really great design products! What caught my eye immediately was, that the earphone cable looks nothing like a regular headphone cable. It reminds me of a long noodle - how cool! The music sounds Awesome! I grabbed my white and rose gold VASAs on my way to the city, while also walking my new hair extensions for the first time. Going from zero to 20 inch hair is totally insane! (The good kind of insane!) If my hair looks weird here, that's because I'm still trying to figure out how to style it and what I'm actually supposed to do with it! LOL!  I can't wait to pack my new earphones with me on my Europe trip! Take 10% off your purchase with Sudioweden by using thekawaiiplanet promo code! They ship worldwide! ♥
 Tunic - Jen's Pirate Booty (Zou Zou Boutique), bralette - Chaser (Zou Zou Boutique), hand bag - Michael Kors, white/rose gold earphones - SudioSweden, necklace and bracelets - Etsy, shoes - White Chuck Converse, sunnies - Nine West.

The earphones come with a cute pouch (pictured below) and different sizes of earplugs! I totally needed the tiniest one ha!
Michael said...

They are looking cool (but not as much as you do =P ), shame it is only ear-plug version which I am not able to wear =/.

Btw., Justin? Oh yeah, I am surprised =D


Ally M.G. said...

That snack looked so yummy! I want pretty headphones, but I have so many apple headphones that I just shrug it off haha


Missymayification said...

Personally I prefer big earphones, because they don't hurt my ears.
You look so pretty in that tye-dye dress. :)
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! I love the dress and the bag!
You looks so pretty :)

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Like your dress and earphones :)
Maria V.

Kati said...

What a sweet dress and wow, can't believe how warm it already is!


Mónica Villar said...

love it!!

Yuliya said...

Awesome headphones
Yukova BLog

Launna said...

Suzy, the weather must me amazing there... your dress look so cute, I can hardly wait to just walk outside without a hoodie or coat... and some lighter clothing.. I love the warmer weather. The extensions look cool.. I was thinking about getting some for the days I wanted longer hair ... down the road, first I am getting an awesome color put in it xox

Julia said...

You look awesome!!! <3
Have a nice day :)

Unknown said...

LOVE the dress with the Converse sneakers!!!!!

All the Cute

MERI WILD said...

Beautiful look and pictures! <3

Irene Aspas said...

amazing photos!!! i love your dress!!! <3

Unknown said...

The earphones look so cool ! And you make me hungry with your snack ♡

The Little Fashionette

Unknown said...

You look amazing! Wonderful and cosy dress!