Ho-Ho-Holiday Giveaway! ♥ (ENDED 12/21/2016!)


Hi Babes! ♥ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so I decided to run an exciting giveaway on my blog to show my appreciation for your never-ending support this year! One lucky cutie pie will win all the items listed below! This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL so you can enter it from anywhere in the world! Good luck to everyone who decides to participate! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas time full of peace & love! I'll be back with my outfit posts soon, but for now - why don't you try your luck! ♥
What's in the game?
* Promise Organic Facial Scrub & Hand Cream!
* Pair Of My Favorite Fake Eyelashes!
* Unique Suede Skull Necklace Made By Me!
* Water Resistant & Tearproof PappWatch Made From Tyvek!
* OGX Hair Products Including A Sea Salt Spray, In-Shower Oil & Hydratation Oil!
* Some Little Gifts From My Birchbox Including Lemon Rinse Gentle Clarifying Treatment, NYX Vivid Brights & amazing slmissglam eyeshadow brush!
* A Couple Of Florida Seashells!
* Personalized Christmas Card Written By Me!
Everything is, of course, new and unused!

What do you have to do to enter this giveaway? No worries, it's super easy!

Leave a comment on this post explaining what you would do this Christmas, if you won $1 000 000 in lottery! (: Don't forget to also leave your e-mail so I can contact you in case of your win!

That's it! Now you can just sit back, enjoy the Christmas atmosphere and wait for the big drawing! I will let my phone app to pick a random number (from all the comments) and announce the winner on the 21st of December 2016! I hope you're as excited as I am for you! Have A Very Merry Christmas This Year, xo Suzy

THE WINNER IS IZZY H. with her 3rd comment! Her comment was randomly picked at random.org!
MommysWellness said...

First off, I love your blog! I have to subscribe again due to changing emails. Anywho, if I won $1000 lottery, I would definitely keep it a secret and pamper myself twice a month in some form. I'm trying to get myself back to normal after my newest addition :-)

Kandis Cowan said...

If I won 1,000,000 in the lottery I would use it to pay a couple years of rent for my mom or buy her a house. I'd also take care of her grocerys for a couple years. My mom works so hard and really deserves a break.

Unknown said...

If I got that much money I would definitely go shopping, book a trip to Florida and also help out any family or friends that needed help money wise :)

Unknown said...

If I`d won, I`ll help my husband-winemaker with his dream: he wants to have his own winery, but now he works on a huge wine factory and this work takes a lot of nerve...He is exhausted...He just wants to live in a village, give jobs to young people, to revive village and give people organic farm products without any harmful substances. ANother part of money I`ll use to build animal shelters in our region

Wish all participants good luck!


Unknown said...

If I won I would like to give half the money to charity and I with the other half of the money I would help homeless people and I would keep 100 pounds and treat myself and my family❤ my email is eramyousaf69@gmail.com

Launna said...

Suzy if I won a million dollars, I would travel, everywhere and anywhere and give my two daughters some money... it would be amazing xox It is nice to see you back blogging, I hope you are getting all ready for the Christmas holidays xox


Bilqees Bano said...

if I won a million dollars I would spend on my home & family

Brittany said...

Love this giveaway!! SO super cute!! If I won the lottery I would travel as much as possible, bring my friends and family and would open my own business, a salon with a clothing boutique and juice bar/healthy café inside! <3 daydreamsandbeachscenes@gmail.com

Unknown said...

That's a lot of money and I think I would invest it into something that I've been thinking of for a long time. My parents are the most important persons in my life. There is no better way to make myself happy than making them happy. I would buy my parents a house in a lovely rural place. The rest of the money I would spend on my brother's education, which I think will help him a lot in the future. That's ti xx


Unknown said...

I came across your blog and yo I love your style 😍 Hmm if I was to win a million dollars? I'd buy a house for my self and my babies and my family. I'd open up a family business and help out the homeless/ youth at risk. I'd def would give back to my community!

Email: rmartinez1157@gmail.com

va said...

i would spend it to see my family and also travel and save it on my family like eating out . college funds

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com