Celebrating The 60's!

Aaaand, my favorite plum hat & bag combo is back again! Haha! I just can't help but match up those two items... always! Last Sunday, it was a beautiful day here in Orlando! The perfect weather to finally hit the local farmer's markets with my friend Brittany! Haven't been there for months! I was kind of in a boho mood that morning, so I put my new flare jeans on, together with a kimono and circle sunnies, which made me realize I look like from a 60's movie! LOL! You're not a proper gypsy though, unless you add a hat, suede choker, cuff bracelet and a crossbody! ;) Now you're ready to rebel! I have to admit I'm really diggin' this hippie look and I want to style myself into it more often than I actually do! This bell bottom trend is coming back yet again, and I'm very much enjoying it! When I talked to my mom on Skype last time, and showed her my new denim, she goes: "Oh, I used to wear these all the time back in the days, and then I threw them all away because I thought it's never coming back in style!" - Oh, how I'd love to see those mom's old jeans now! Maybe I'd tweak them up and still put on! ♥
Happy (or Hippie?) Sunday! XO

Flare jeans - Mother Denim, blue printed kimono - Romwe, burgundy crossbody - She+Lo, white scoop neck top - Forever 21, Louise lace-up wedges - Dolce Vita, purple hat - Tart Collections, circle sunglasses - Missguided, adjustable choker necklace with horns - Sarah Briggs, cuff with a stone - gift.

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  1. Literally obsessed! Omg, you look straight out of a magazine girl! Seriously one of my faves! <3 XO, Britt

  2. I like the hippy look on you Suzy... flared jeans are chic and I love how you paired it with the hat... very 60's xox

  3. Hey Suzy, this look is perfect on you. I'm in love with the top.


  4. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)

  5. Great editorial, I love this look so much, it's perfect on you!


  6. ohh, you look amazing, love the whole outfit :) xx

    Simona | l i v e i n f o x w o r l d


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