Green: the color of harmony, energy & growth!


Hello Everyone! The Spring seems to be taking its sweet time, so I still have to keep warm and cozy over here. I'm currently loving this bell sleeve rollneck sweater in the fresh color green. It's the perfect transition item for just hanging out at a café or even staying home, feeling cute while watching Netflix. If you easily get cold like me, it's a great item for your closet. I've started a more dynamic yoga this week. Until then, I only tried yoga for a few times and it was always a slow paced, relaxing class. The one I went to on Wednesday was called Power Fusion Yoga and it was exactly what I needed for my body and soul. I got a great workout and felt amazing afterwards as I was actually able to do many new positions that I've never thought I could do before. I'm becoming more and more flexible and man does that feel amazing! Exercising regularly really pays off, I can confirm!
Don't you just love outfits that you don't have to put too much effort into, but they still do the job? Having the right fitting pieces is essential for an effortless look! I've been wearing these poor J Brand jeans nonstop for like 3 years now, and they're still holding up pretty well. Definitely one of my top purchases in the States. Let me know if you like and would wear this very simple weekend casual look. If you're obsessed with the sweater as much as I do, check out more knit jumpers you might like. Happy weekend! ♥
Khaki sweater - Femme Luxe, black ripped jeans - J Brand, sneakers - Adidas, necklace - Sinsay.

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Also, thank you guys so much for your lovely encouraging comments on my latest posts. It means a lot. (Hi Britt! ♥)