Winter in the Village ❄️

 Happy Sunday! It finally snowed here in Prague this week, yayy! - So we decided to make a little day trip to our favorite village that is only about 35 minutes by a train. 🚂 I was dreaming of walking in the snow for months now, but we'd only get a few centimetres and it would just vanish in a few hours (because the temperature wasn't below zero). But this time, we actually got about 5-10 centimetres of snow and the temperature was around -2°C at night, so there was even a little layer of ice on the ponds and rivers. 🧊 So many people were enjoying the outside, walking with their families, pulling their kids on the sled behind them, making a good use of the snow and simply appreciating this wonderful day! 🛷 It was so lovely - sun & snow are oficially the best combination for a good day. 🤩 I honestly always thought that I need to get out far away, into the mountains, to enjoy the snow and feel the true Winter magic (when I was a kid, there was no other way to get the best Winter experience) - BUT I found out, I can get a nice nostalgia anywhere, all I need is snow, warm clothes and a good company. (Currently, you can't sadly book any accommodation in the Czech Republic when travelling, hotels are closed due to Covid so you either make a day trip (morning go there, evening go back) or you manage by visiting friends and family - which you are not really supposed to do either 😬.) We walked 10 kilometers and got a proper exhaustion afterwards. Maybe too much fresh air for the inhabitants of Prague? LOL. I was done. I couldn't even move afterwards, my face was red, I just hopped into the warm shower, put my feet up (oh, they hurt... it was a first longer walk in my Garmont shoes since my Tatras trip in October), watched Game of Thrones while eating lots of ice cream, then passed out and slept 10 hours. What a great weekend it was! Now let's get ready for the new week! I hope it's a good one! We're getting -6°C starting tomorrow, so fingers crossed!⛄🥶💪 

PS: I will be still posting some of my Summer adventures here on the blog, so stay tuned if you miss the Summer. I have never been more excited for the Spring to come ... I simply can't wait to go camping and exploring the outdoors again! 🏕️

Have a great new week! XO Zuzana 💕

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