Roman Beauty


Last minute decisions are sometimes the best! Yesterday, we spontaneously decided to go for a little ride to our favorite park! I was thinking, well, maybe we can also take my blog pictures... *grabs the camera* It was super hot (and by that I mean BLAZIN' HOT!) so I put on my breezy lace romper that I got on sale in Marshall's. I actually haven't pictured it on my blog yet, even though I've had it for almost two years now! It's definitely on the short side - LOL! Perfect for hot days like this one! I also put on some of my jewelry, made a bun out of my hair (which I do very rarely), and we got on the road! After 15 minutes, we arrived at Kraft Azalea Garden in Winter Park. Without really planning anything, we got there around 7:45 PM, right when the sun was setting! Until yesterday, we didn't even know how absolutely gorgeous this place can get during the golden hour! As we were sitting on this piece of art (Roman looking - pictured below, so called The Exedra), watching the sun go down, I got this true euphoric feeling! You know the moment when you realize that everything is perfect? Simply being at the right place, at the right time, with the right person in the right outfit?! Hope you're enjoying the Summer! Have a fabulous Sunday! ♥

Lace Romper - American Eagle, arm double bracelet - Etsy, gladiator sandals in gold - Catherine Malandrino, blush Warren backpack - Botkier, layered necklace - Romwe.

Mermaids & Unicorns


You've probably already noticed this trend, that is ACTUALLY everywhere! Flamingos, leaf print, cactuses... wherever you look! Have you managed to fall for any of these themes yet? I have to say, from my own experience, it's only a matter of time until you find yourself looking at your cosmetic bag with a palm tree print, like I am right now! UGH! It's amazing that us, cute stuff lovers, can finally officially adore kawaii things! Bringing these made-up characters into existence is like a dream come true! In case you still need to process this trend and need some time to decide on which path you're gonna follow, I created 5 inspirational wishlists for you! (And me!) My favorite? I definitely choose Mermaids! Don't you just wanna be one? I'm seriously waiting for this to be a REAL THING! Happy Thursday! ♥

Cookie cutter - SurLaTable, Pink Water Bottle - HauteLook, Romantic Unicorn blouse - Moda 'Operandi, Grey socks - Topshop, Unicorn Squad patches - H&M, Friendship bracelet - ShopBop, Pillow - UncommonGoods, Inflatable Unicorn - Revolve, 3D Sticker - Macy's, Baby Blue Unicorn PJ - Nordstrom Rack, Beach towel - Asos.



Still on the Summer boho vibe here... ♥ I'm back with another 'hippie'-like look today! Me and my man went for a romantic walk to the Harry P Leu gardens and I managed to sneak my camera into the purse. (That's how you do it - LOL - 'We're taking my blog pics too, are you so excited?' - Bahaha, he's too sweet! ♥ I already did 2 photoshoots in this gorgeous, always blooming garden in Orlando. Its beauty never ceases to amaze me! Flying butterflies, oranges on the trees, yeah this is reality! This gypsy style is growing on me and I know it does every single year, in the summer time! All I'm missing is a cute hippie van and some friends who are up for road-trippin'! Let's bring the 60's back!
For this look, I went for my new high waisted shorts, floral turquoise kimono that I got from my friend, basic top tied into a knot, and style matching accessories - hat, crossbody, choker & some bangles! This set of three dainty rose gold bracelets is from 7CharmingSisters and it's the newest addition to my jewelry box! Thanks for the pictures, babe! ♥

Floral kimono - Almara Shop, high waisted denim shorts - Cello Jeans, basic white tee - Forever 21, burgundy crossbody with studs - She+Lo, hat - Forever 21, rose gold bracelet set - 7CharmingSisters, choker - Anthropologie, wedge sandals - Dolce Vita.



I'm going to let you in my bathroom today! (: As you know, sometimes I do beauty reviews. That usually happens when I'm really impressed with some product! Today, I want to share this new part of my night routine that I just recently discovered! I don't necessarily have huge, obvious dark circles under my eyes... But sometimes, when I don't get enough sleep, everyone can tell. I'm tired in the morning and I totally look it! (I think we all can relate to this!) A while ago, I did some research and found out that collagen eye masks can help with this bad morning feeling and reduce puffiness (plus fine lines!) in your under-eye area! After reading a couple of reviews on different eye masks, I found VIIcode skin care on Amazon! VIIcode eye mask is an 8-hour overnight treatment, which is different from other sheet masks. The fresh feeling when you wake up is priceless! You might know that our under-eye area has the most sensitive skin out of the whole body! Always make sure you're using only good stuff! I did the mistake once in the past and bought a cheap eye cream on sale. *Woke up with rash all over my face*. No no, this luxurious mask won't put you through hard times! It will in fact prevent them! 
These gel-like eye pads are supposed to go on your under-eye area 2-3 times per week. It's a great night routine for those who have an important meeting or event in the morning and want to wake up fresh!

Boho Style: Revisited


Aaaand, the hot Summer is here again! If you want to stay cool in the Florida heat, you should wear something light-weight, flowy & comfy! Denim shorts & breezy tops are my best friends during these months! Also: Never forget a hat & lots of water to stay hydrated! These beautiful pictures were taken by my lovely Melrose, who is a talented blogger, photographer & much more - check out her website! I absolutely love her sense of photography and how she sees things through her camera lenses! We had such a fun day together! We grabbed a coffee, stopped by Avalon in Winter Park to check out some thrift clothing & then just chatted for hours...
 Moving on to my outfit: I can't let these gorgeous crystal stud earrings from 7 Charming Sisters unmentioned! They blew my mind when I saw them online and they were just as beautiful (well, even more!) in person! Definitely my new go-to pair for this season! What are your plans for the Summer? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you decide that you need those fabulous earrings too, you can use code KawaiiPlanet15 on their website and get 15% off! ♥ Suzy

Bell sleeve off shoudler top - Romwe, Cupid bandits: denim shorts with hearts - One Teaspoon, golden gladiator sandals - Catherine Malandrino, layered coin necklace - Romwe, Warren backpack - Botkier, straw hat - Hatattack, crystal stud earrings - 7 Charming Sisters.