Innocent Pastels


Hello lovely people! How are you guys doing? ♥ I hope everyone had a great Easter! It was pretty low key in my case! If you follow my Instagram, you would know from watching my stories, that I decorated a bunch of eggs and baked a carrot cake! Yummy! I'm totally feeling the Spring coming and my motto is: PASTELS & MORE PASTELS! I'm still in the girly mood if you couldn't tell *halo emoji*, especially with this fresh new season just arriving in town! I haven't been wearing so many bright colors all together for a while, probably since my 'All White Look' a couple of months ago! Always forget how much I love it and how may compliments I get wearing these colors! (Well that's just in case I put on a tan, because I would blend with the clothes otherwise LOL!) Spring is calling for a muted green, yellow, pink and blue color & I'm answering! A special shout out to the lovely guy who came out of the Tommy Bahama store in Winter Park and offered us borrowing his chairs for our photoshoot! Doesn't happen every day that someone's so sweet! Everyone go shop there because this place is chill! ♥
Pastel pink ruffle hem top - Marshall's, white distressed jeans - Ross, open toe fringe booties - Dolce Vita, burgundy studded purse - She+Lo, handmade white beaded bracelet with druzy stone - Kawaii Beading on Etsy, gold bracelet - Alex&Ani, handmade arm bracelet - Etsy, fishtail choker - Anthropologie, sunnies - Forever 21.

My Beauty Routine 2017


Hi Everyone! ♥ I'm here to share my recent beauty finds & talk about how I do my make-up every day! You know it's aways a journey to find the right product that makes your skin feel amazing and also treats your imperfections & concerns at the same time! It takes a while to figure it all out sometimes. I just turned 27 in February and I think I finally made peace with my skin, using the right cosmetics! When you're in your twenties and still have acne issues like me, it can get super frustrating and irritating, but know, that there is absolutely & always some kind of solution for you, and that you'll find it one way or another! Please, have in mind, that acne does not define you as a person in any way! You shouldn't let it bring you down! Ever! ♥
I got this Tarte 'Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti' eye shadow palette as a Christmas gift and I just recently started using it! You guys, it smells like an actual chocolate! ♥ Love that it stays on your eyes for the whole day & that you can create the perfect smokey eyes with it! I found out that it was a limited edition but you can still get it on Ebay I'm pretty sure! All the Tarte palettes are to-die-for!

I made a little chit chat video where I'm showing How I do my go-to make-up every day! All the products I'm using are linked down below the video! Please feel free to leave any questions about my skin routine! 

♥ Kawaii Mood ♥


It's interesting how even though we try different fashion styles throughout the life, we somehow circle back to the roots and what is the most natural to put on for us! People can tell us what's in and out, they can also try to push us to become someone else, but nah... always wear what is the most exciting to YOU and what YOU find amazing! Your clothes should define you and your personality, and not anyone else's view of you! (Amen.) I've been through a lot of fashion stages & moods, but recently, I just can't stop looking back at my "kawaii" clothes, and I really enjoy incorporating the old pieces to my elevated Americanized fashion. I would consider myself mix of European, American & Asian style I think! I own elements of each mentioned style in my closet and it's so much fun to combine it all together and see what happens! At the end of the day, wearing cute clothes just makes me feel more girly & definitely keeps my inner child happy! The point is to find what you love and wear whatever you feel the most comfortable in! ♥ I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XO Suzy
Denim overeal - Camaïeu, pastel pink polka dot blouse - Camaïeu, white slip-ons - Burlington, black Selma handbag - Michael Kors, korean style glasses - AliExpress, red baseball hat - Supreme, rose gold choker - Sarah Briggs, faux fur pom pom chain - gift.



Hi There! ♥ I have a fun flashback to the 80's today! I'm SO into the 80's music and fashion and I'll do anything to bring those retro vibes back! I decided to give this period of time a little shoutout in my outfit post today! What you will probably love & appreciate the most, is that the whole outfit cost under $50 (well, the Converse are not included in this budget but you can replace them with any white sneakers that you already have!) This pair of jeans has been sitting in my closet for a while and I wasn't sure what to do with it! The other day, I simply decided to bring it back to life by pairing the denim with this vintage Coke tee that I won in the Ebay auction (for like $1 you guys! WOOHOO)! Deals are seriously the best and you can save so much money being aware of how and where to shop! I complimented these 'previously owned' pieces with my new faux leather jacket that my friend Brittany found for me in Burlington (thanks love ♥), yellow aviators (OMG totally obsessed!) and a handmade choker that Britt made! (She's the BOMB! You can get it for only $12 on her Etsy! Go get it!) Putting this outfit together made me realize how much I've always loved thrift store shopping and that I haven't been to Goodwill for a while! That needs to change! I flippin' love vintage fashion and I want to focus more on recycling moving forward! How fun it is to give life to some of the old abandoned clothes again? Let me know your favorite thrift find down below! XO Suzy ♥
The Real Thing (Coca-Cola) vintage graphic T-shirt - won at Ebay auction, black faux leather jacket - Burlington, acid wash high waisted skinny jeans - WetSeal (bought at Goodwill), yellow aviator sunglasses - AliExpress, white sneakers - Converse, spike black suede choker - my friend Brittany makes those ♥ - buy it HERE!

Korean Fashion Inspired Look ♥


You guys, I've been obsessing over Korean Fashion recently (well, it's actually not a recent thing if you follow my blog for some time now... you would know, that I've been always looking up to the Asian Beauty & Lifestyle!) ... but I think it's back in my head now more than ever and I can't stop "desktop" shopping this website - (not sure how you say window shopping for an online store haha!) - StyleNanda it is! Ugh! Go see it for yourself! ♥ The make-up, the outfits, I want it all, I want to live the life of all the models! I have NOT ordered from them yet and was so going to, but then I realized I already spent my fashion budget for this month on other clothes! *monkey covering her eyes emoji* ... Oh well, I can just take it as an inspiration for now, and try to re-do some of the looks with what I already have in my closet, which is probably more economic & logic decision anyways! (Umm, did anyone say , ever, that fashion is based out of logic?) MINIMALISM, Suzy, it's called MINIMALISM what you were trying to go for! The daily struggle is so real! Let's just embrace what we have though, for real! The clothes I used for my post today, somehow happened to be in my closet already and I was pleased to find all these pieces again! ♥
Vintage denim jacket - Goodwill, striped rollneck bodysuit - Missguided, white high waisted shorts -, aviator sunglasses - Giant Vintage, slip-ons - Marshall's, Warren backpack in blush - Botkier, socks - H&M.