Floral Frill


Hello Everybody! ♥ I'm back with a new outfit post! Sorry I let you wait a little while! This summery look gives me all the tropical vibes & puts me in a sunshiney mood immediately! If you follow me for a while, you know that I'm not necessarily crazy about floral prints. But then, I saw this super cute top at Marshall's last time I went, and got hooked! It has some leaf prints on as well, and I simply love the leaf & flower combo! You couldn't beat its price and it legit fits like a glove! I'm obsessed! My new it-piece maybe? Hmmm... I'm thinking that similar piece should be at the top of everyone's summer wish list! Wearing it makes me feel like I'm in a dream Island paradise!
'Just close your eyes and feel the Summer breeze...!'
This outfit will be perfect for your date any time a day! Make it look fancy by adding some gold pumps & sparkly clutch, or switch it for sneakers and backpack if you're going for a more edgy look! Still can't believe how lucky I was finding this pair of white distressed jeans on Romwe 2 years ago. They are simply perfect and I enjoy wearing them for all different looks! Spice up your outfit with a bunch of bracelets, choker & dangle earrings, and you're good to go! Thank you, beautiful Aubrie, for taking these pictures! You're such a talent! Happy hump day guys! XO Suzy ♥
White distressed jeans - Romwe, floral off-the-shoulder crop top - Marshall's, gold pumps - Rampage, Warren backpack - Botkier, choker with gem - Sarah Briggs Jewelry, rose gold set of bracelets - 7 Charming Sisters, gold earrings - Lucky Brand, flash tattoo - gift.

How I Whiten My Teeth? + GIVEAWAY!


Hi Everyone! ♥ Hope you guys are doing well! My post will be about HOW I WHITEN MY TEETH today as I have the best experience to share! This was the very first time in my life I've ever decided to try teeth whitening, and it was in the comfort of my home right away! Don't we live in an amazing age? I decided to go for Smile Brilliant because I read so many great reviews on them and saw very convicing before and after photos online! The whole process is super easy & quick! Anyone is able to do it! You basically start with ordering the system from their website and receiving your impression kit a few days later! Then you simply follow the instruction guide, take your impressions, send them back to the lab and receive your final whitening trays after that! Then it's only up to you how often you do this procedure on your way to the snow white teeth! The more often, the better results, of course! But be aware of a possible sensitivity! I started with 45 minutes every other day and was able to work my way to an hour every other day! It's advised that you don't go over 3 hours and not more often than once a day!
Come with me, I'll guide you through out the whole process and explain how it works!
I made a YouTube video that will show you how Smile Brilliant works! If you want to know how to do your impressions properly and how to apply your whitening and desanitizing gels, you'll find the following video useful:

You've Been Boho'ed!


Hi babes! ♥  How is everyone doing? I'm enjoying another hot Summer day, sipping on my iced water with lemon, listening to the thundering that tells me it's gonna start raining soon! I was imagining myself chilling by the pool earlier but ... Oh well, maybe next weekend! You really can't plan any outdoor activities in the Summer here. It rains every day, you bet on it! You just don't know the time. Ever! The sky changes every minute! This past weekend was very low key for me & Jake. We were hanging out just locally and didn't miss our favorite Sunday Farmer's Markets at Lake Eola! 
I decided to spice up my sporty, casual weekend look with this gorgeous flowy boho blouse that I found in a thrift store for just $8 a couple of weeks ago! I was so excited! What a great find! Normally I'm not into such tops, but this one caught my eye and I thought that it's perfect for weekend beach & boat getaways! Everytime I'm going for a walk, I'm still trying to look somewhat cute, even though I'm wearing my running sneakers. I find it easy with these basic white Nikes that literally go with ANY outfit in the world! So you just do you and throw them on in the end! How does it look like when Boho meets Sporty? Check out my new outfit below! Happy new week, loves! ♥
Boho tunic - Banana Republic, denim shorts - John Eshaya, white sporty sneakers - Nike, sunglasses - H&M (I believe?), distressed denim hat - local boutique, marble bear backpack - Oribagu, grey sporty bra - Calvin Klein.

Don't Grow Up, It's A Trap!


Hi babes! ♥ Are you as excited for the weekend as I am? Time to chill, enjoy the things you love & live in the moment! I'm currently listening to Justin Bieber station on Pandora, getting this post ready, making banana pancakes! Yum! I'd like to introduce you my new, origami-inspired backpack from Oribagu! How cool is the whole concept? It was a love at first sight for me! My gorgeous marble bear is going to be my loyal company everywhere I go from now on! I actually remember myself as a kid playing with paper and folding various shapes out of it - boats, frogs, hearts etc... So it has a bit of nostalgia into it for me too! ♥
The outfit I went for today, is my new Summer go-to! Of course, it includes denim shorts... (HAHA, as i mentioned in my last post, they are my best friend here in Florida!) This cool hooded crop top that says - 'Don't grow up, it's a trap', is just one of the new pieces from my recent Romwe order (that I made a video about HERE). I just love pairing short tops with high-waisted shorts! It's the perfect Summer match! Then I just added my comfy Adidas sneakers, Bieber hat (how unpredictable from a crazy Belieber, right? - lol) and my black lace choker. I hope you like this Korean fashion inspired look that I put together! Let me know! Cheers to the weekend! XO
Grey hooded crop top - Romwe, denim shorts - Cello Jeans, marble bear origami backpack - Oribagu, white sneakers - Stan Smith for Adidas, black Bieber baseball hat - Purpose Tour Merchandie, lace choker - gift.

Longer Hair, Shorter Shorts!


Hi cutie pies! ♥ How is everyone enjoying the Summer? I hope y'all have some fun stuff coming up to make the best of this warm season! I've been literally living in my denim shorts and crop tops recently! When you live in the Tropics, you really don't have many more options than something easy to keep yourself cool! I'm usually switching between flowy dresses and super short shorts this time of the year!

Not so long ago, I took my tape-in extensions out (to be exact, my lovely hairstylist Britt did), as I decided to let my hair rest for a little while. I've been unfortunately missing my long curls since! I know my natural hair actually grew super long and it's probably just fine now, but I missed the volume as well! So I kept thinking: 'What can I do to give my hair a little break from permanent tape-ins, but still enjoy long hair?' - That drove me to the good ol' friend Google. I wanted to find out what my options are! Then I found a reasonable website called Best Hair Store with human hair that offers (not only but also) clip-in extensions! I went for it and thanks to that, I enjoyed the gorgeous 18' long blonde hair while shooting my look! ♥ Even if you have long-ish hair, this set definitely adds the desired volume and healthy look! I was pretty impressed with the quality and softness of the product! What I love about clip-ins the most is, that you can just put them in for a day, or an event that you're going to, and rock the long hairstyle! Then you take them off, go to bed and sleep comfortably! There's just something about the long hair! Once you have it, it's so freakin' hard to go back to lob! Now I'm seriously going to let my hair grow until I'm happy with it & don't need some stranger's hair! LOL
Nude lace-up crop top - Forever 21, denim shorts - Cello Jeans, plum hat - Hat Attack, burgundy crossbody - She+Lo, open toe mazarine shoes - Dolce Vita, gold fishtail choker - Anthropologie, sunnies - Missguided, set of rose gold bracelets - 7 Charming Sisters.