Christmas Wishlist 2017

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Already? Of course! I've been working on my Santa's list all year long and now it's (well, almost) the time to put it out there! I'm not taking any chances! ;) Not sure whether Santa reads my blog though, LOL! I usually create these collages for myself anyways, and that's because a) I really enjoy doing them, b) I can keep track of my faves and slowly work my way to them in the future! I tend to forget the items I love because there's just so many products that catch my attention nowadays! All the goodies pictured below have been my favorite items for a couple of months now... So I'm just going to leave it here - in case Santa DOES check out my blog for a gift inspiration! Is there anything on my list that you love as well? And what's on YOUR list so far? 'Tis the season to treat yourself! ♥

1) Black Vans: Been seeing this specific pair of sneakers all over the internet and simply fell in love with the style!
2) Liquid glitter phone case: I'm a cute stuff junkie and this just seems like something that will keep me entertained.
3) Murad lightening serum: I have acne scars and starting melasma. Read a lot about this holy grail & want to try it!
4) Nioxin hair thickening serum: After removing tape-in extensions, my hair is fine & breaks so easily! Need a fix!
5) Fluffy pink slides: I know this trend has been out for a while, I guess I just woke up and realized I NEED!
6) 2018 diary: I simply can't live without one! I write notes all the time and also plan my life day by day!
7) Santa Claus snow globe: This one is especially cool! I love snow globes the most! I love staring at them.
8) Kylie Lip Kit in Koko K: I saw this one on my favorite YouTuber Taylor R and I'm obsessed with the shade!
9) Grey NY hat: This stylish hat is super easy to wear and goes literally with any edgy outfit!
10) Benefit brow gelThis miraculous brow solution is the only thing that makes my morning eyebrows look ok!
11) Vegan cookbook: I want to eat better and live a healthier life. It helps having a great book to search recipes in!
12) Black choker with a sparkly pendantSimple & easy to wear. I'm on the look for a beautiful new go to piece!
13) Agate coastersBecause have you ever seen anything cooler? I'm speechless and want this decor in my life!
14) The Stunner Ankle Step Fray Mother Jeans: Because there's no such a fit like the good ol' Mother Denim!
15) Reindeer mug: I enjoy drinking from cute cozy mugs throughout the whole year! Guarantee this gift will be used!
16) Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers parfum: Smelled this one in the store last week and wanted to bath in it!
17) Rose gold wired basket: I saw this at my friend's house & she has throw blankets in it! My living room says yes!
Oh, and one teacup poodle, please! A girl! Just like little Rosie! ♥

Mesh Bodysuit With Embroidery


Hi Friends! ♥ I hope that your Monday is going amazing so far, is productive & stress-free! This past weekend was quite relaxing for me. Netlix & Chill - popcorn, sushi, pizza - EEK! I did some necessary house works too, planned my vlogmas videos (YAS, ALREADY!) and talked to my parents via Skype! If you are looking for something new and highly addictive to watch on Netflix, definitely try The Five TV show (2016)! Me and Jake got absolutely hooked by it and finished all episodes in just one day! Yes, that's what I call a proper movie marathon, And I'm pretty sure I haven't even changed my PJ on Saturday! LOL It's okay... Sometimes we need days like this.
Back to the fashion business now: What do you think about my new look? I've dreamt of mixing my vintage denim jacket & this gorgeous embroidery bodysuit for a long, long time! I wasn't able to pull it off until now - it cooled down finally! I'm saying YES to the layers and I'm so excited for this thrift store piece to be back in the game! Fall is my favorite season! ♥ I purchased the mesh bodysuit on Missguided last year, but never got to wear it! I even brought it to Prague with me earlier this year, but it was actually too cold to wear it then! *sigh* Finally, in October 2017, the time has come and here I am with my dream edgy outfit! Might be actually my new go-to look!
Let me know what you're up to this week! Have a fabulous time whatever you do! XO
Vintage denim jacket - Goodwill thrift store, black mesh embroidered bodysuit - Missguided, black distressed high waisted jeans - Romwe, rose gold hoop earrings - Claire's, pointed Breki booties - Guess, rose gold bracelet set - 7 Charming Sisters.



Happy Friday! ♥ What are your guys plans for the weekend? I hope you will get to relax & revive the body & soul! Here I am with a new outfit post as I promised! This time, I went for an edgy twist on a classic floral maxi dress! It might naturally seem like a super romantic & innocent piece, but you can easily make it 'something more' just by adding these bad-to-the-bone pointed Guess booties (I bough them last year and I haven't gotten to wear them until now! Eeeek!) and faux black leather jacket! That always does the trick! Putting on a black lace choker was a sure step to finish the whole look, plus my lovely friend Brittany (who also took these pictures - thank you!) made this super cute bun from my hair! ♥ I'm ready to rock this style!
When I was younger, I've always played by the fashion rule, that you are NOT supposed to mix metals! You either wear gold or silver in one outfit! I don't know who set this prejudice into my head but the older I get, the more B.S. it seems to be LOL (pardon my French!). I think it's super cool to mix silver and gold, and so I did it in this look - black leather jacket with silver hardware, and my favorite plum color crossbody with gold hardware. Because... why the hell not? ♥ If you notice some fallen trees in the background of these photos, it's sadly the hurricane Irma aftermath that wasn't taken care of yet. There was a lot of damage, it's kind of out of control still, and might take a long time to clean up everything! Have a peaceful weekend, my friends! XO Suzy
Faux leather jacket - Burlington, white off-shoulder floral maxi dress - BangGood (watch my try on haul video HERE), black pointed high booties - Guess, plum crossbody - She+Lo, lace choker - gift.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!


Hello Everybody! ♥ I hope you guys started your week off right! This past weekend was super busy for me as I was doing a big cleanup and also setting up the house for Fall! YAY! I love decorating so much! It feels so amazing when it's done! So worth all the effort! I put some cozy, fall looking pillow cases on our sofa, added some warm throw blankets & yummy smelling candles.. Digged up pumpkin decor from last year and placed it on the dining table... Ready, set, GO! We are officially in the Fall 2017! How did this even happen? LOL Me and my friend Brittany welcomed the new season with a super fun D.I.Y. project: Pumpkin painting! And yes, there is a video on my YouTube channel already! ♥ Come hang out with us! 
This outfit is my first Fall look of the season! So exciting! I love this mustard yellow cardigan to pieces and I was dying to start wearing it again! Well, it's still kinda on the warm side here in Florida, but we're slowly getting there and I couldn't be more thrilled for the temperature to go down! This outfit 100% evokes Fall in me. On the day that these pictures were taken, I really felt like I'm somewhere on the coutryside up North, ... the light breeze playing with my hair... All I was thinking about was hitting a local farmer's markets somewhere cold, drinking a hot apple cider & snacking on a pumpkin pie. Ugh! LOL. Britt picked a truly amazing spot for our pictures this time! Thanks friend! ♥ Let me know what's your favorite thing about Autumn and also what colors remind you of Fall the most! Mine would have to be burgundy, orange & definitely the color of my cardigan... XO
Mustard yellow cardigan - Forever 21, white silky lace top - Romwe, blue skinny jeans - Wax Denim, Selma handbag - Michael Kors, Juneau fringe booties - Dolce Vita, golden fishtail choker - Anthropologie, olive color hat - Forever 21, hoop earrings with a stone - Camaïeu.

80's Denim Revival


Yes, I might love mom jeans as much as you hate them. That's OK! :)
When I was deciding for this look today, I planned to put my current mood into it. It's 100% me and how I wanted to speak to people without opening my mouth. I thought I would take this new army green lace up top for a first walk, together with my high waisted distressed pair of jeans! I topped it off with a teeny tiny belt to hold it up on my waist (yes these jeans surely are a bit loose but that's the point, right?) and put my hair in an side pony tail. I felt like doing something different with my hair! (I'm putting my extensions back in soon and I'm ecstatic about it!) I didn't even know we're taking a camera with us until I got all ready. I thought why not to capture this funky look of mine and make it stay on the internet forever? LOL I hope you celebrated the First Day of Fall with a pumpkin candle or maybe apple picking!? Oh I wish I could do that again... Have a wonderful Sunday Everyone! And Happy Fall! ♥ I'm going to be more active here on my blog too! Now that my favorite season is here! More and more outfits to come!
Army green lace up shirt - BangGood, blue mom jeans - Romwe, Warren backpack - Botkier, thin black belt - Zara, glasses - Giant Vintage, silver chain bracelet - Sarah Briggs, shoes - Nike Roshe.