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Soooo the Gladiator Trend is back again! I knowww, yet again! It's a good thing though, because it's an easy throw on and it also adds so much edge to any outfit! Gladiator sandals are coming back in different variations pretty much every year! I'm honestly planning on digging up my pair from last season, because I got really cute, high one, in gold! ♥ If you don't have any gladiator shoes in your wardrobe yet, you might want to consider this trend! Celebrities like Gigi Hadid are obsessed too, and they look fabulous when rocking it! If you feel like this kind of a shoe is cutting your legs off a little bit, and makes you look shorter, there are still other options for you! How about a lace up pair, that is on a wedge or a heel? That will lift your legs a bit higher and make them look never-ending! Wear your gladiator shoes with dresses, shorts, or frayed jeans! I personally love pulling this trend off especially when I'm on a vacation around the beach! It's more chic than just putting on boring flip flops & definitely brings your outfit to the next level! Elevated look is all we want, right? XO
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All White Look


Have you guys ever decided to wear 'all white' outfit in the past? I normally do 'all black' on a regular basis (Can't go wrong with that, right?), but this was an impulsive decision, inspired by this Gigi Hadid's outfit that I came accros on Pinterest! Wearing just white color feels actually so great! It's very feminine & clean! Except of the fact that you have to be super careful with food & where you sit! Maintaining bright clothes is extremely difficult, but is so worth the pain! Together with my new choker sweater, I wore this old pair of distressed jeans that I bought on Romwe years ago, and haven't worn in a while (been trying to bring some of my 'vintage' items back to life recently!)! I simply added gold & brown neutral accents to comliment the angelic, sophisticated look! Don't forget the mirror aviator sunnies! Also, let me give you a friendly advice for wearing cropped jeans: They tend to shorten your legs a little bit, so if you're already short like myself, make sure you throw on pumps or heels when wearing this trend! Yet again, chokers are still staying, and I'm really happy about it! (Mainly because I bought way too many built-in choker tops this season! LOL)! Let me know whether you'd go for this innocent 'all white' look yourself & if so, for what occasion! XO
Choker sweater - RD Style, white distressed jeans - Romwe, golden clutch - Target, brown laser cut belt - Steve Madden, mirror aviator sunglasses - Giant Vintage, wooden watch - JORD, golden pumps - Rampage.

Celebrating The 60's!


Aaaand, my favorite plum hat & bag combo is back again! Haha! I just can't help but match up those two items... always! Last Sunday, it was a beautiful day here in Orlando! The perfect weather to finally hit the local farmer's markets with my friend Brittany! Haven't been there for months! I was kind of in a boho mood that morning, so I put my new flare jeans on, together with a kimono and circle sunnies, which made me realize I look like from a 60's movie! LOL! You're not a proper gypsy though, unless you add a hat, suede choker, cuff bracelet and a crossbody! ;) Now you're ready to rebel! I have to admit I'm really diggin' this hippie look and I want to style myself into it more often than I actually do! This bell bottom trend is coming back yet again, and I'm very much enjoying it! When I talked to my mom on Skype last time, and showed her my new denim, she goes: "Oh, I used to wear these all the time back in the days, and then I threw them all away because I thought it's never coming back in style!" - Oh, how I'd love to see those mom's old jeans now! Maybe I'd tweak them up and still put on! ♥
Happy (or Hippie?) Sunday! XO

Flare jeans - Mother Denim, blue printed kimono - Romwe, burgundy crossbody - She+Lo, white scoop neck top - Forever 21, Louise lace-up wedges - Dolce Vita, purple hat - Tart Collections, circle sunglasses - Missguided, adjustable choker necklace with horns - Sarah Briggs, cuff with a stone - gift.

Visiting Gatorland in Orlando!

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Hi Guys! I've got a travel post for you today! Even though I've now lived in Orlando for almost three years, I've never made it to most of the autenthic Florida theme parks yet (just Universal Studios so far)! So when my friend from Czech republic, Tereza, visited me for a week, I thought we should go ahead and explore some cool places together! After having my wisdom tooth surgery the same week she landed (uh oh - I know!), I needed to do something low key - so we had to postpone roller coaster craziness for the next time, and decided to take a relaxing trip to the wild nature! Gatorland it was! In one day, we actually managed much more, and still kept it pretty low key! I included my vlog at the end of the post as well! I hope that this can be inspiring for all of you, who happen to be in this area sometimes in the future! Remember: Make each day count! I have to say that it felt so great to be a little tourist and showing my friend around! It was Tereza's very first time in America, so I introduced her to my favorite and most popular American dishes as well! On this adventurous day, we started our day off right with an iHop breakfast! ♥ Wondering what else we ended up doing?
 Watch out for gatorrrrs!
We really enjoyed this wooden boardwalk with a lake view. The weather was absolutely amazing and there were not so many other visitors since we got there early in the morning right when they opened!

Casual Streetstyle!


Basic doesn't have to boring! Refresh your casual style with a pop of denim & cool edgy accents (cool watch, bracelet, baseball hat or backpack)! Whether you decide the classic blue denim in the form of jacket or a pair of distressed jeans, it's going to be a sure fashion success! I'd even mix it up all together! I've been recently obsessing over crop tops! I'm lucky enough I can wear them all year long in Florida! It's unusually hot here for February this year though, and it's not always necessarily enjoyable! Summer will probably be crazy warm! Can't wait to put on my swimsuit and hit the beach! ;) Back to my outfit - This Day-to-day style is so easy to pull off for anyone! Don't feel like crop tops? Totally cool! Just swap it for a basic white tee to get the proper laid back look! This outfit is perfect for hitting the shops on your favorite street, or chill kinda day with girlfriends or your special one! I wouldn't enjoy the weekend as much as I do without my new sneakers that are super comfortable!
Thank you Aubrie for a fun afternoon and taking my blog pics! ♥
Denim jacket with optional grey hood - Dresslink, white roll neck crop top - Missguided, black distressed denim - J BRAND (Zou Zou Boutique), white sneakers - Stan Smith Adidas, Tokyo watch - Pappwatch, Warren backpack - Botkier (Zou Zou Boutique), silver chain bracelet - Sarah Briggs. black Bieber hat - Purpose Tour Merchandise.