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Happy Friday, Friends! We got to the weekend again! What are your plans? My week has been quite busy. I couldn't fully keep up with all my usual activities, because I had my last wisdom tooth pulled unexpectedly last Thursday. It's still in a healing process, but much better now. I'm just glad my wisdom teeth are all gone now since they really only brought me trouble to be honest. If I could turn back time, I'd have been smarter about it and had them taken out all at once in the past. (Seriously, do it if you can!)
The weather in Prague should be very Springy this Saturday and Sunday, so I'm excited to get outside for a little bit, and breathe in some fresh air. I'll probably go running finally, and then to my dancing class on Sunday. I've recently started pole dancing and aerial hoops and I'm really enjoying it, though I'm a beginner and my body is not flexible at all. I still believe that I'm going to improve eventually and will be able to do some of the things that all these experienced gymnasts do. You've got to believe in yourself and just go for it! Practise & give it all.
Today's outfit is very Asian style inspired with a little nerdy French touch to it. I've been finding my inspiration in different cultures lately and really enjoy mix&matching different pieces. For my current job, I have an elegant dress code, so my style has been definitely affected by that. Love me some nice blazer! I love wearing them with casual outfits on the weekends as well...
What you Plant Now, You'll Harvest Later. - Og Mandino
Red corduroy dress - Bershka, white roll neck tee - Missguided, black tights - Zara, shoes - Mohito, beret - New Yorker, blazer - House Brand, circle glasses & pom pom hat - Amazon. 

I'm Back?


Happy almost Spring, everyone! I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I last posted an article here on my blog. You don't even know how many times I've thought of writing a few words, uploading some photos or just updating you on how my fashion addict spirit is doing. I was planning posts and new videos, but I always ended up not finishing it for various reasons. The thing is... I simply miss being a part of this amazing blog sphere and sharing my fashion eye with you, my audience. So I want to do what I love. AGAIN. Finally. I'm sorry I disappeared to those who have always been coming back, wondering what's up. I hope I can make up for it in the future by being more active here.
So let me welcome you back with this look I put together. For a cold February day last weekend, I went for a layered outfit that kept me warm and cozy. I was desperately needing a coffee on the way to the photoshoot, so I grabbed one at my favorite place and then we took a few pictures. Most of the items that I'm wearing were bought for a ridiculously low price during the January sales. Now I should be done shopping for a while. (Yeah, rightttt...)
Mustang style jacket - Bershka, biker pants - New Yorker, chambray shirt, all jewelry & Sunday tee - Sinsay, black ankle boots - Mohito (I tuned them a little bit by cutting a faux fur off), burgundy scarf - House Brand, beret - Romwe, backpack - Botkier, the red headband became a part of this by accident and is the photographer's.)


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Hello Everybody! ♥ I know that Spring is taking its sweet time this year... but hang in there, it's right around the corner! The past few days were surprisingly chilly in Florida. Weather is officially acting crazy! Me and my friend, blogger Aubrie, decided to take a walk in this gorgeous park in Orlando and certainly didn't dress properly. Could have used more layers for sure! Sun was shining, but the wind was pretty cold and in the shade, we were freezing! If my mom saw me in this crop top when it's 14 Celsius outside, I would definitely hear about it. LOL (She used to tell me to tuck my tee in when it's cold, or I would get a bladder infection!) Slowly realizing that my mom was not being overprotective but actually pretty reasonable and so right. Oh well, we all have learn the hard way! Thanks mom! For this outfit, I paired my favorite striped sweater I bought in Prague last year, vintage denim jacket from a thrift store that you've seen so many times by now (really in love with this piece!) and a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans! Such a comfy casual combo - so me... I could live in this look! 
My trip to Prague is SUPER CLOSE and I'm getting really excited as you can see on some of these photos lol. Silly is my middle name! I will never grow up I think... There's way too many pictures following this little writing but hey, I like them all and I just couldn't narrow it down no matter how hard I tried. *I'm sorry!* 
Vintage denim jacket - Goodwill thrift store, white cropped sweater with stripes - New Yorker, distressed boyfriend jeans - Forever 21, Stan Smith sneakers - Adidas, crossbody - Chloe.

Camo Tee & Denim Skirt!

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Hello! It's the last day of February today and I'm getting so excited for the Spring already! Not too long until the nature is waking up and everything around is blooming! Spring is my 2nd favorite season right after Fall!
Me and my friend Aubrie met up to take some blog pictures and have a girls day last week. We grabbed a coffee to go at our favorite spot in Winter Park (Barnies Coffee & Tea Co.) and decided to walk around the park on such a perfect day. I went for a 'casual chic' this time. (What's new? LOL) This camo tee has been through a lot haha, and is still holding up pretty well! It's actually one of my most favorite comfy tees, that also looks fashionable & fits for any occasion. If you watch my YouTube, you'd know that I bought this light blue denim skirt for just $6.99 at Ross not that long ago. By pairing these two items, I created an effortless look that could easily be my new go-to for life. I will be in Prague in just one month from now. And I know I might need a puffer jacket there. It will definitely be a weather shock for me. A whole different world opposed to Florida! But for now, let's just enjoy these sun filled photos that tell you how warm Florida is! Sending some sunshine your way! XO ♥

Camo tee - Z Supply, distressed denim skirt - Ross, gold gladiator sandals - Catherine Malandrino, backpack - Botkier.