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So we have this amazing store called Avalon in our neighborhood and I only went there accidentally once like a year ago? Such a shame! Last weekend, I was totally ready to explore this shop with gemstones and everything spiritual more & get some cute stones for myself. I've always admired these little things and I actually wanted to officially start collecting them. Am I too weird? People collect odder stuff, right? My grandma used to be a gemstone lover and her favorite piece was an amethyst. She had pendants, candle holders made of huge amethysts etc... Sometimes I caught her holding a little stone in her hand when watching TV. I guess there must be something about it, some kind of power... Sending you kisses to the heaven grandma, I will always love you! ♥ When I was younger, I was interested in all the stuff around magic and ghosts... I had a few classmates with the same interest in elementary school. We were strange kids haha! Instead of going to play with toys, we would read mysterious stories etc. I also LOVED watching the creepy TV show Beyond Belief with George Noory, where you guess what story is true and false. Now I'm fine with just visiting a spiritual place like Avalon once in a while. I have no desire to get into witchcrafting, I'm good right there. But still, the place is pretty cool and magical, not only because of the staff is very nice and knowledgeable... but they really have a great selection of alternative clothes, interesting books, burning incenses, spice, herbs, candles, oils, jewelry and much more...

Dress - HolleyTeaTime, black pearls - Pearl&Clasp, denim jacket - Goodwill Thrift Store, bracelet - Alex & Ani + gift, sunnies - Giant Vintage, shoes - Keds, purse - Italian Markets, pink wig - Amazon.

I already showed you my thrift store denim jacket in the past, and here it is again! I still can't get over this wonderful find! It's size L but completely worn out so fits my S size, and it looks super cool old-school! It adds the special something to any outfit! Have you ever seen or wore black pearl earrings? I wanted to go for something different than usual. I would say every fashion lover has white pearls because it's classic, right? These from Pearl&Clasp are unique and awesome quality. I've been obsessing over them lately and they were a part of most of my outfits recently. I was also wearing my wig because last Sunday was one of those rainy Florida summer days when it's little cooler out. And, after all, pink hair was more fun for this kawaii outfit, what do you think? I have to give all the credit to the amazing Holley from HolleyTeaTime because wearing her dresses is just a pure happiness! Happy Weekend to all of you! ♥
Blogoratti said...

Liking the whole ensemble, really pretty look and smile. Greetings to you!

Unknown said...

Skvely saty:)


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Anna and Klaudia said...

Wow! you look so cute <3 lovely photos :)
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Desirèe D'Aloia said...

you look so lovely!

Laurencia Febri Savanna Winata said...

Hey, I really really love your hair!

Bellezzefelici said...

I wish you a joyful day ahead :)


The Bandwagon Chic said...

I'm lovin' your hair babe.
And this look makes me think of strawberry shortcake :)

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Unknown said...

such a pretty dress!
p.s.your hair is amazing! <3

May Cho said...

Was going to freak out a bit at your hair then read that it's a wig; it's gorgeous! It's perfect but in a realistic way, if that makes sense? Ha!

I also used to chat ghost stories with my elementary school friends. It was all very scary and fun when I was younger but reality has settled in. We now talk about the future. Just as scary, if you ask me! Haha, anyway, you look wonderful! Did you say black pearls?! Excuse me while I go check the website out...


Naville said...

love the hair
I recently dyed mine purple


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Launna said...

Suzy, your strawberry outfit is so cute and I adore your pink haired wig... my youngest got some long pink hair pieces... it's a great way for her to play with the color to decide if she would like to go that way permanently... xox

The Equinox Fashion by Paweerata said...

When I was young, I was really into Buffy Vampire Slayer lol However, you look very cute!

Christina Key said...

You look so damn beautiful girl! :)
I LOVE and ADORE your hair!
Damn! :)

Great outfit btw.

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Michael said...

Uaaaa, Suzy, I love that dress!! So fun and so pink!

Have a sweet week my dear,

Alice said...

you look amazing darling! and what a cool shop I love stones and gems too :)

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►Naďa said...

great post ! :)
please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS

Yasmin said...

That wig is pretty cool - at first glance I thought it was your real hair. And you have such a beautiful complexion!

xx Yasmin

Unknown said...

Me ha encantado tu outfit, así que me quedo como seguidora por ggogle+

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Unknown said...

Nice dress.


Unknown said...

Eeee, going slightly crazy over your dress, IT'S SO PRETTY!
Looks amazing with your wig too :)

Unknown said...

Am always a huge fan of loud colored your wig is a yes for me...the pink ends are so fun.
You look amazing doll, very chic.
Your dress is so pretty adorable. Am also loving your denim jacket it has such a perfect size...not too big or too small.

awhite said...

So cute, lady!

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Unknown said...

So pretty I love your style and your photos are great!:)

Unknown said...

Aw you look so cute! I love the outfit and the combination with your hair ( and colour ) <3
xx Ama


Unknown said...

the pink hair is amazing :D